OpenAI, Microsoft and Oracle together to improve ChatGPT

In the same hours in which they arise positive news from the front economic stop OpenAIthe company run by Sam Altman announced a new one strategic alliance with Microsoft and Oracle to improve the computing capacity of the popular chatbot ChatGPT.

The Three Musketeers of Artificial Intelligence

O three companies they are collaborating for what OpenAI you can take advantage of the platform Microsoft Azure AI on the infrastructure oracle. According to the press release, i Oracle chips “will allow OpenAI to continue to grow.” This represents a significant changeconsidering that until now OpenAI she trusted entirely Microsoft for your processing needs.

Microsoftfor his part, he invested 13 billion dollars in OpenAIgetting the exclusive right grant in commercial license there technology developed by the startup. The enormous success and growing popularity of ChatGPT and the services it offers OpenAI they took the company looking more solutions to ensure a sufficient processing capacity to avoid future disruptions.

Despite the new partnership, OpenAI wanted to point out that “ours strategic relationship in the cloud with Microsoft is no changes” and that this collaboration with oracle “will allow OpenAI to use the Azure AI Platform on the OCI infrastructure for inference and other needs.” This statement confirms that Microsoft will continue to perform a central role in OpenAI’s cloud strategy, while oracle will contribute to expand your computer skills necessary to maintain growth.

theinfrastructure provided by oracle it’s not new high profile collaborations. Oracle also provides the resources needed for xAIthe initiative of artificial intelligence by Elon Musk. This proves thereliability and the power of infrastructure solutions offered by oraclenow available for OpenAI to power ChatGPT.

An alliance for the technological future of the world

this new alliance between OpenAI, Microsoft and Oracle brand a significant step to future of artificial intelligence. The integration of advanced technologies of these three technological powerhouses promises to boost the capabilities and performance of ChatGPToffering users an increasingly efficient and reliable service.

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