OpenAI and the success of ChatGPT in iOS 18, growing balance

there Apple’s decision to integrate ChatGPT by OpenAI in the latest version of iOS 18 without stipulating a direct payment agreement made a lot of headlines. Despite that apparently free movement from apple, OpenAI announced a notable financial exploitationwith an annual turnover that reached i 3.4 billion dollarsBloomberg reported.

The incredible success of OpenAI

Sam AltmanCEO of OpenAI, has confirmed this data during an internal communication with your employees, emphasizing what is important profit growth of the company this financial success is a clear sign of growing popularity and use of the technologies artificial intelligence in the current market. With the implementation of ChatGPT in iOS 18, OpenAI expect to see more increased use of the servicebenefiting from the large iPhone and iPad user base worldwide.

O main entrances Of OpenAI mainly come from subscriptions E API accesswhich represent the stable income base of the company A smaller segment of revenue comes from sales of Microsoft Azure Serviceshighlighting the diversification of OpenAI’s revenue streams and its financial resilience.

ChatGPT integration in iOS 18 isn’t the only new feature in OpenAI’s tech arsenal. theagency is preparing the ground for more progressincluding the search engine based onLLM GPT-4ththe video generation model sora and other innovations such as GPT-5. These advances are promising to expand the capabilities of OpenAI in the field ofartificial intelligenceopening new perspectives for human-machine interaction.

Despite the clear successit is necessary to adopt a certain caution on the reported financial data. second The DecoderAn OpenAI spokesperson called these numbers “imprecise” in a statement to The Information, highlighting the importance of evaluate carefully the accuracy of the financial information.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important

O rapid development and the financial success Of OpenAI witness thegrowing interest for advanced artificial intelligence technologies. How pioneer in the field, OpenAI keep pushing i limits of innovationpromising to redefine the future of technological interaction and language in the digital age.

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