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Nonprofits want AI

June 26, 2024, 10:00 AM |

Jörg Schröper

A study by CV consultant found that the non-profit sector has the highest share of AI-related vacancies, with 61 percent of open positions there requiring applicants to have knowledge of AI.

Of the 105 nonprofit jobs currently listed on Indeed, 64 are related to AI. In Germany, the nonprofit sector often has limited resources and needs to maximize its impact as efficiently and productively as possible. AI can be done using Algorithms help optimize resource allocation, analyze data more effectively and thereby keep operational costs low.

In second place is the aerospace and defense sector, where half of the vacancies require AI skills. This strong prevalence of AI in this sector is due to the vast amounts of data generated by sensors, satellites and monitoring systems – a task that would be impossible to manage manually due to its sheer volume.

AI plays a crucial role here by quickly identifying patterns, anomalies and significant trends that may escape human observation.

Third is the media and communications industry, where 45 percent of job openings require AI skills. With voice-activated devices and virtual assistants becoming more common, it’s no surprise that this industry scores highly in the study. AI-powered translation tools play a crucial role for media companies looking to connect with global audiences. AI can automate the translation of content into multiple languages ​​and drive personalized engagement.

The IT industry has the 11th highest percentage of open positions with AI skills. Interestingly, the IT industry ranks 11th on the list. While it has the highest number of open AI positions (2,122), these positions represent only seven percent of all IT jobs on Indeed (source: This could be due to the complexity of IT roles, with AI expertise being one of many desired skills, suggesting a need for more specialised skills in the sector.

Amanda Augustine, Career Expert at, comments on the rise in AI-related job postings in Germany: “The rise in German job postings integrating AI into their job descriptions reflects a fundamental shift in the way industries are using technology to improve efficiency, productivity and decision-making. “Businesses are recognising the transformative potential of AI and using it to automate repetitive tasks, optimise operations and create personalised customer experiences, opening up new avenues for innovation and growth.”

As a result, there is a growing need for professionals with AI skills to drive these initiatives, thereby encouraging the expansion of employment opportunities that incorporate AI components into their descriptions. This AI shift is likely to continue as industries increasingly integrate AI into their operations. It is therefore crucial that career-focused workers adapt to AI and take advantage of all technological developments in the labor market.

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