Online communication solutions for electronic loading

There Internet connection to the electronic charging system it is important to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electric vehicle systems. Thanks to the connection it is possible to monitor and manage the charging stations remotely, implement plans to increase the use of electricity, for example by scheduling the charging at times of low or online load sharing. You can update the software and implement security measuresensure systems are always up and protected from cyber threats.

Online integration is easyintegration with electronic payment systemssafe and easy operations.

Panduit answers the electrical sector with the a range of specific cables and connectors to create reliable communication networks. Offering Ethernet cables and fiber optic connection systems, shielded connectors and security blocks and network protection.

Ethernet cables for network connection

To connect the network to the electronic centers, different types of cables are used depending on the specific needs of the configuration and the technologies used.
THE Ethernet cables they allow a reliable, high-speed connection between the load center and the remote control system. Fiber optics provide a high-speed, high-bandwidth connection, making them ideal for long-distance connections and transferring large amounts of data.

Panduit thought Suitable category 6 and 6A shielded Ethernet cables to establish a plug & play connection and for high data transmission. Available starting from 0.3 meters long, they meet many technical standards (IEC 60603, UL 1863, IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at for PoE+ applications etc.).

cable type for internet connection

For Ethernet cable headers, Panduit offers the RJ45 category 6A connector. Solid construction and gold-plated copper contacts, ensure UL94V-0 fire protection.
In applications where optical fiber is required, Panduit offers cables made of 12 single 250 ┬Ám fibers with a medium density UV-resistant polyethylene sheath.

Secure tools for online security

To ensure the safety of copper and fiber optic networksdifferent locking devices are used USB ports of type A, B and C. By using tools designed to prevent unauthorized access.

Locks are provided with an unlocking key, without and permanent installation, for physical and IT security to prevent c.the installation of viruses or prohibited programs.

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