One tablet for every teacher in Brandenburg


June 7, 2024, 8:30 am | Source: dpa / Editor: Diana Künstler

So far, schools have bought thousands of tablets for teachers, but demand is even higher. Now it’s not just money from the federal government – at least for teachers in public schools in Brandenburg.

Every teacher in public schools in Brandenburg must receive a tablet. The budget committee of the state parliament has given the green light for 6.5 million euros from the education budget. The money is intended to supplement 7.3 million euros from the digital agreement of the federal government.

“Brandenburg is gradually equipping all teachers with digital devices to teach students skills and freedom in a digitalized world,” said Education Minister Steffen Freiberg (SPD). “Good teaching requires reliable digital equipment.”

According to the Ministry of Education, at the end of last year, public and private school authorities accessed 7.8 million euros from the digital pact for digital mobile devices for teachers and purchased around 8,000 devices.

Brandenburg is responsible for providing teachers with such devices Digital Pact 15.1 million euros are available. However, the need is significantly higher, according to the ministry, about 19,000 more devices are needed for teachers in the country. The remaining federal funds and the released state budget funds must be used for this purpose.

Beginning of school year 2024/2025

The tablet computers are intended to benefit all teachers, teacher candidates and school assistants. The first devices are scheduled to be used at the beginning of the 2024/2025 school year. The education department has reached an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the municipalities. “Preparing students for an increasingly digitalized world is important,” said the chairman of the district council, Siegurd Heinze. There are more than 21,000 teachers in Brandenburg.

According to the Ministry of Education, around 130 million euros have been approved for digital infrastructure through the digital agreement to better equip schools. As part of an immediate program and an additional state program, about 38 million euros were available, which were used to buy about 60,000 devices for school students.

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