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Interministerial Digital Directorate (Dinum) presented at VivaTech “The Digital Suite”, a collection of office automation and collaboration tools designed for public officials. Their peculiarity is to meet several criteria of particular interest to public sector entities:

  • These are tools that rely on free software
  • These are tools hosted by SecNumCloud qualified players

Sovereign suite

Access to these various services is grouped behind the AgentConnect authentication portal. Provides access to all tools through single sign-on. The project is being offered to agents on an experimental basis starting in March 2024. Dinum wants to use the coming year to develop interoperability between tools.

Among the various projects grouped under this new roof, some are already well known and deployed within the administration.

What tools are integrated into La Suite Numérique?

There we find the secure messaging service Tchap, available to agents from 2019. But also several services such as:

  • France Transfer designed for file transfer
  • A video conferencing tool (very soberly called “State Webconference” and based on the free Jitsi software)
  • Audio Conferencing Tool (called “State Audio Conferencing”)
  • Webinar Service
  • Resana, a solution for working together on documents

Among the agents involved in the development of the project we find some well-known figures in the French free software ecosystem, like Tristan Nitot or Benjamin Bayart.

Territorial variation and international echo

The project will also benefit from the variant intended for local governments and municipalities. It’s called The Territorial Digital Suite. This system will offer other tools, especially domain names, mail servers and storage spaces.

Work on this alternate set began in 2024 and will continue into 2025, Dinum says. He explains that the current goal is to “gather feedback and adjust the offer according to needs and constraints. »

Dinum is not going to stop there. It will add new tools to the Digital Suite. Management mentions:

  • Appointment creation tools
  • Password managers
  • Artificial intelligence tools. At this point we are of course thinking of Dinum’s recent experiments in this area with the Albert models.

Call for cooperation

Dinum too sign to interested companies and organizations collaborate and offer their own tools. The key is the support from Dinum as well as renewable funding of 40,000 euros.

The La Suite Numérique project is part of the agreement signed in February 2024 between France and Germany, which committed both countries to develop a set of interoperable office tools.

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