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Overshadowed by VMware in recent years, Nutanix is ​​returning to its first love by creating hyperconverged solutions with support for external storage (IP) – a great first for AOS – with its historic partner Dell.

Live from Barcelona. After Chicago last year, the first post-covid .Next convention, Nutanix met its customers, partners and sponsors in Barcelona at its .Next year 2024 (from May 21 to 23). And this is not a European edition, but a major variation of the event with 4,300 people signed up for the convention against 2,600 in Chicago in May 2023. So the bet is a success for the publisher, but it intends to return to the United States for the next release of .Next with a European version in the fall of 2025.

During this 2024 edition, Nutanix’s CEO insisted on numerous partnerships with server vendors that provide the hardware portion of the hyperconverged solution. Here we find Cisco, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HPE and Supermicro. And the manager announced the strengthening of the partnership with Dell, which had been falling apart since the Texan’s acquisition of EMC in October 2015, because VMware’s vSAN and VxRail solutions were in the basket. “Bridges were never burned,” Sammy Zoghlamy, SVP Sales EMEA at Nutanix told us., “Dell has always remained an important partner.” However, the sale of VMware to Broadcom reshuffled the cards and Dell returned to its first love with a deal to provide commercial and technical support for the Nutanix Cloud Platform for Dell. “The first announcement consists of marketing” appliance » by combining the basic Nutanix platform with PowerEdge servers. A suite that will be sold and maintained by Dell,” explained Rajiv Ramaswami, CEO of Nutanix, during the keynote.Next year 2024. This combo simply combines Texas x86 servers (for compute and storage) and a California virtualization platform based on the AHV hypervisor and numerous other bricks for setting up private clouds with virtual machines and containers.

If all partners seem to be on par, Dell regains a small advantage with IP storage support on PowerFlex arrays.

Note that this enhanced partnership could be incorporated into Dell Apex’s financial formula to offer businesses a form of usage-based (on-demand) billing modeled after the cloud model. “This expanded collaboration will allow Dell and Nutanix’s joint customers to benefit from increased flexibility, simplified operations and increased resilience,” said Tarkan Maner, Nutanix Chief Commercial Officer.

AHV finally supports external storage

“Dell’s second announcement is support for external storage with our hypervisor. This is a first for Nutanix. Let’s start with IP storage. It will be the first on board as an external storage platform that can connect and work directly with our hypervisor,” said the CEO. This is a much awaited announcement, because VMware ESXi supports external storage for a very long time and that was really one of the big flaws of AVH. To begin with, Nutanix Cloud Platform for Dell PowerFlex will work with Texan arrays (based on OS ScaleIO and VxFlex), which will be treated as classic AOS storage with all the basic features, explained Thomas Cornely, senior vice president of product management at Nutanix. It’s not actually an exclusivity deal with Dell, but with technical resources being limited, Nutanix has mobilized its teams to jump-start with Dell to gain early access by the end of the year. Internal testing has already started. “We hope to expand it to other IP-connected storage systems. This changes the dynamic of what Nutanix can do for you, allowing you to re-use your existing server and storage investments and expand your capabilities with Nutanix,” added the CEO . Let us conclude that Dell and Nutanix combos are in development and will be available to customers in early access later this year.

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