Nostalgic for the iPod? This accessory turns your Apple Watch into a music player

Expected this summer, the TinyPod is an accessory that lets you turn your Apple Watch into a luxury iPod. A true nostalgia machine, the product is being revealed a bit more this week via a video spot shared on social media.

Here is the tinyPod, an accessory expected on the market this summer // Source: tinyPod

We won’t know the details of this news until June, but tinyPod is revealed a bit more this week via a 48-second spot video shared just before the weekend on X (formerly Twitter). A few months after we were first mentioned, we are discovering a larger concept than we first thought.

Because if the tinyPod presents itself as a “shell” capable of transforming a Apple Watch in iPod… in fact, it seems to go even further, for example by allowing you to use your connected Apple Watch as a minimalist phone. Obviously, this accessory will not only be about music and nostalgia.

“Your Phone Away From Your Phone”

From what we know so far, the tinyPod will hold the Apple Watch once its wristband is removed, and will control it using the Digital Crown, but with a click wheel that’s closer to what the iPod mini suggested 20 years ago. especially. Whether this will actually be a convenient way to navigate watchOS remains to be seen.

Anyway and as stated 9 to 5 MactinyPod is marketed as more than just a case for the Apple Watch. The video shared on May 24 ends with a tagline that is interesting to say the least and could be translated as “ your phone away from the phone “. In this case, this concept of a minimalist phone could prove relevant at a time when many users find it difficult to put down their smartphone.

It should also be noted that in its early days, the iPhone was directly inspired by the iPod. By being able to get a sort of “cross-over” between the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod, the tinyPod could offer something fun… or even refreshing. We’ll know more in a few weeks.

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