New Seppi S7 base, high strength and versatility

This year, the grass in the green areas is lush, growing according to the supply Sepi M. Trentino starts the company Basic S7 hammer mulcherThe latest model of the new S7 series, representing the evolution of the SMW line.

“We intend to present the new shredder meant for professionals. Green maintenanceFirst announcement IMA International 2024 in Italy then to Austro Agraar Thullen in Austria and Agrama in Switzerland”. He says Sylvia Pelkova Sepi trading.

The Shredder I know was not there

S7 machines from SMW at High strength steel frame S420 with additional interchangeable wear plates and for 2 rows of hard counters, which are interchangeable and therefore easily replaceable. “between noveltyWe show the protection chains and reinforced protections that are combined with the accessories – Pelkova explains. Also, the grease points are now external so you can reach them better..

Sepi S7 is an ideal base for cutting on steep slopes

(Photo source: Sepi)

Sepi has optimized the distribution of lifting forces to reduce the pressure on the 3-point problem and equipped the rear bonnet with a new manual adjustment system that manages its opening in the field without using the tool. Finally, the Fix it The S7 base results in the height of the support roller Simple Compared to SMW.

According to S7, every goal has been achieved.

The new shredder has been added to the version. S7 Classic ExtremeIt does not require side activities, but it is suitable for many tasks and gifts Different job scopes: 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250 centimeters.

The base of the S7 is excellent. Versatile Because it is suitable for maintenance of areas between vineyards and orchards, fields, pastures, irrigation canals, roadsides and for light forestry work.

The base of the Seppi S7 is a sturdy and wear-resistant slip.

The base of the Seppi S7 is a sturdy and wear-resistant slip.

(Photo source: Sepi)

High versatility also depends on the fact that the machine can be attached to any tractor model, through the universal category II 3-point hitch. From 50 to 160 horsepower. Light and compact design, low weight and center of gravity close to the tractor, the new S7 is stable even when coupled with. Mountain tractors It can be used on steep slopes and both front and back.

High efficiency and reliability

The heart of the skid, the Helix rotor features longer (SMO) or shorter (SMW) hammers depending on the model, all perfectly rounded for power distribution. The rotor performs one Clean cut Grass and branches with a diameter of up to 7 cm and up to work without problems 10 km per hour. The fineness of the cut material is regulated by the easily adjustable M-Flap back flap (optional) through mechanical or hydraulic operation.

It is suitable for wear resistant construction Forestry work The hard counters in the frame ensure that they perform well even under heavy use. Like all S7 mulchers, the basic model has a support roller with reinforced 4D-Roller bearings. Regular work In difficult terrain, long life and low maintenance costs.

During development, the protective belts tilt and move the chains, creating a barrier that prevents the material from sticking in the chain, allowing it to flow to the rotor. The reinforced protection of the belts reminds the construction of conventional forest machines, the slides on the sides prevent damage to the plants.

According to Sepi, the basic S7 for i Reduced machine timeI Low consumption and ease of use.

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