New features of Siri with iOS 18 and Apple’s AI

As has been said several times, with the arrival of iOS 18Also Siri will be much smarter, significantly improved byartificial intelligence Of Apple Intelligence.

Among the main novelties discovered by users and shared promptly Redditthere are the new ones voice shortcutswhich, among other things, will allow users to give the voice assistant a new name of their choosing.

second Mark Gurman Of Bloombergthis is just the first of the impressive new features coming to Siri that will allow the intelligent assistant to gain a deeper understanding of the natural language, thus allowing the user to speak even more “normally” with this tool. Here’s what we know.

How Siri Voice Shortcuts Work

For those who don’t know, the voice shortcuts they have the function of speeding up the various operations and activating them directly with your voice.

For example, users will be able to set a shortcut that allows the iPhone take a screenshot you hate activate a particular modesimply asking it in your own voice.

According to the information shared to use the new functionality of iOSyou will have to do it first activate it from the corresponding section.

For that you have to go up Configurationtouch accessibility and scroll to the entrance Voice Shortcuts.

In the new tab you need to tap Set voice shortcuts and of course activate them.

Once this is done, the possibilities are really many and the user will be able to access several useful options to further simplify the use of their smartphone.

In addition to the people with motor or cognitive difficulties it could be a much more immediate way to take full advantage of the various features that Apple offers.

With the new iOStherefore, the Cupertino giant adds more options for theaccessibilitycontinuing to fulfill the promise to bring to the market devices and software that can be used by everyone without any problems.

How to change Siri’s name

Always on the tab Set voice shortcutsamong the various options available are those of management of Siri where you can enter the new name to give the voice assistant.

For optimal operation you must also teach the iPhone recognize the new name saying it three times. Remember that the tool, although decidedly reactive, is still experimental and may be needed pronounce the words several times, especially when dealing with complex terms.

According to the first information shared by MacRumorsHowever, the feature still has some issues and the renaming process will not automatically sync with other devices in the Apple ecosystem. Apple.

Therefore, those who use other products of the famous Apple will have to keep calling Siri to remember the functions of the voice assistant.

Also, according to early tests, the new name seems to be recognizable a little less sensitive compared to the classic conversation mode with the voice assistant and before using the new name you will first have to launch Siri and then retrieve it with the new name, an extra step that could be inconvenient for users.

Of course, continuing to say “hello Siri” the smart assistant will work normally even if the user decided to rename it.

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