New electric R5 E-Tech for €21,000? Renault has decided!

The new Renault 5 E-Tech electric, which can be ordered from May 31, has revealed the prices of its top versions. But the small 40 kWh battery will arrive in 2025 and with it a well-placed price.

There are two pieces of information to remember prices of the new Renault 5 published today. The first is that the Losange neo-retro city car immediately seems cheaper than that Zoe before leaving the catalog. And we are not talking about the stripped down version, but rather the variant with a 52 kWh battery, a 150 ka engine with a Techno finish already equipped with a double 10-inch screen, from Google Automotive, a heat pump and an on-board charger that already tolerates an alternating current output of up to 11 kW. In fact, count €33,490 for this novelty R5 E-Tech Electric Technoand an additional €2,000 for completing Iconic 5, all before deducting the CO2 bonus.

Electric R5 E-Tech for €35,490.© Alex Krassovsky

Electric R5 E-Tech finally very close to €20,000 with bonus

But the second piece of information is ultimately more surprising. Renault took the opportunity to confirm the arrival of an even cheaper R5 in 2025. Even much cheaper, as it is sold “from €25,000”. At this competitive rate, the government bonus has yet to be taken. Currently set at €4000 for a new electric car, this should not change too much for 2025, otherwise it would jeopardize the growth of electric car sales, which has already slowed down seriously in recent months… The Renault 5 E-Tech 40 kWh for €21,000, made in France at the beginning of 2025, is therefore not a utopia.. If necessary, it would be a success for Losange, who did not cool the heat on Lucy De Meo’s 2021 promises of a €20,000 R5, before the industry context hardened.

Of course, less rich equipment

The base electric Renault 5 should retain a nice look, even though this is an illustrative image.
The base electric Renault 5 should retain a nice look, even though this is an illustrative image.© Didier RIC

No wonder, it was necessary to reduce the battery capacity to 40 kWh. This means that instead of approximately 410 km claimed by 52 kWh in the favorable WLTP cycle, we will have to count on 300 km of autonomy.. In absolute terms, this is enough for a significant part of motorists who are already convinced of the electric car and whose daily use and infrastructure make it possible to recharge every day without unpleasant surprises. In terms of power, it will necessarily be a step down, as this battery will leave a choice between two engines, 95 or 120 hp. Don’t expect a heat pump, or two 10-inch screens on top of the dashboard and integrated Google Maps. There will also be fewer colors and materials, Reno’s personal assistant will not help you, as well as the route planner, which will remain a prerogative of higher versions. The sharp silhouette and successful interior of the R5, which we already know, will remain. At €21,000, these two arguments might be enough.

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