Near France, thermal cars (even diesel ones!) and hybrids are entitled to a big bonus

This country, neighboring France, is introducing the XXL plan to promote the purchase of cars, not only electric, but with all engines. Bonus for new and used vehicles, provided the vehicles do not exceed certain CO2 limits.

While in France the government continues to promote electric cars through a purchase support/bonus scheme, with the amounts falling in recent years, Italy has just unveiled its own plan. And it is clear that it is very different from ours, because it does not growas only when buying battery cars. But quite simply buying vehicles that emit less CO2. Italy’s total envelope for this plan is 950 million euros. And if 240 million is reserved for electric or 150 million for plug-in hybrids, the largest share, 403 million, is reserved for the purchase of thermal and light hybrids. provided it does not exceed 135 g/km CO2. When we’re on our side of the Alps, we tax cars that emit 118g/km of CO2 or more. And at 135 g/km, where the Italian aid ends, in France we are already fined €340!

Help up to €13,750!

In fact, Italy has one of the oldest rolling stock in Europe. And with this new plan, rather than pushing for all-electric, Above all, he wants to rejuvenate his park. And therefore the support, which is not content to be used for thermal but also hybrid or electric drives, also provides an important scrappage system that can increase the support to EUR 13,750. Of course, support also varies depending on income levels (more or less than €30,000 of taxable income).

Three categories of CO2 release levels have been established:

  • 0 to 20 g/km CO2: electric cars and some plug-in hybrids: purchase ceiling €42,700 (incl. VAT). Up to €13,750 in scrappage assistance / Up to €7,500 without scrappage
  • 21 to 60 g/km CO2: most plug-in hybrids: purchase limit €54,900 (incl. VAT) / Up to €10,000 scrappage assistance / Up to €5,000 without scrapyard deposit
  • 61 to 135 g/km CO2: mild hybrid, full hybrid, petrol, diesel, LPG, etc.: purchase ceiling €42,700 (incl. VAT) / Up to €3,000 scrappage assistance / €0 without scrappage

Finally a subsidy of EUR 2,000 is provided for used vehicles for the purchase of a car not exceeding EUR 25,000, and if an old vehicle meeting the Euro 4 standard or below, with emissions of up to 160 g/km CO2, is scrapped.

Protectionist, but not too much

On the other hand, if the Italian plan took some time to implement we may be surprised by the absence of a more protectionist dimension, as with the French bonus 2024, which favors European-made cars through an ecological score. Especially when we see how committed the Italian government is to these ideas, as in recent affairsAlfa Romeo Milano renamed to Junior, or even to Fiat Topolino denied landing in Italy due to false flag. Support for purchases in Italy will be effective from June 3, 2024and will last until December 31, 2024.

Maël Pilven

Posted on 27/05/2024 at 12:00

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