Musk vs OpenAI: The lawsuit has been withdrawn, what are the next moves?

The recent collaboration between Apple and OpenAI roused the fiery reaction of Elon Muskthat he had threatened ban the use of iPhones in their companies. Today’s events seem to prove that the saying “a dog that barks doesn’t bite” is still valid.

A case that appeared and disappeared from the courts

Three and a half months ago, musk had announced his intention to ifile a lawsuit against OpenAI, co-founded by himself and currently directed by Sam Altman. The stated goal was force the company to return to his original mission develop aGeneral Artificial Intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity, without pursuing profits. But then Musk withdrew the suit.

O reasons are still behind this decision unknown. The fact that the plaintiff has withdrew the case However, he doesn’t rule out the possibility that he might present it again in the future. “This case was filed to force OpenAI to join the founding agreement and return to its mission of developing AGI for the benefit of humanity, not for the personal benefit of the individual defendants and the world’s largest technology company,” reads the official statement .

According to some experts interviewed by CNBC in March, the cause was based on fragile legal foundationsfrom the contract disputed it was not a formal agreement signed by all parties involved. A hearing was scheduled for June 12, 2023 in San Francisco, so the timing of the lawsuit’s withdrawal was particularly intriguing.

there tension between Musk and OpenAI yes it is intensified in recent months, largely due to the disagreements about direction that the company was carrying. Musk has criticized OpenAI to have deviated from his mission non-profit towards more profit oriented structureespecially following the partnership with Appleconsidered by Musk as a more expensive step commercialization of AGI.

OpenAI’s life continues along with Apple

Despite the withdrawal of the case, the matter remains open. musk could decide resume legal action in the future, especially if you consider it so OpenAI you keep deviating from his original mission. Meanwhile, the partnership between Apple and OpenAI continues, despite criticism and threats from Musk.

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