Monaco Grand Prix 2024 – Max Verstappen: “It’s a bad weekend”

Max Verstappen, who finished 6th in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, failed to show his frustration at the end of practice, reflecting ” bad weekend » for Red Bull.

Health walks during every race seem to be over Max Verstappen ! Poleman and close winner at Imolathis time the Dutchman was unable to do anything against a Charles Leclerc determined to shine at home during qualifying Monaco Grand Prix.I think I did everything I could to have a good qualification the car was particularly difficult to drive, the pilot explains red bull at the Canal Plus microphone in the press area. We were too slow. The car was very unstable and we were hanging on the rope in several corners. » Max Verstappen, who has prepaid pole position, will start outside the top 5 for the first time this season, a not so surprising result. “ No wonder I’m P6, I can’t magically find 3 tenths like that. Although there was a possibility of a big lap on my last failed attempt, we were already maxed out. It was just a bad weekend for us. »

“end of the weekend” for Sergio Perez

While Max Verstappen tried his best to lift a red bull Sergio Pérez, in less-than-usual form, was lost at the bottom of the grid as he was trapped in Q1 Monaco traffic. ” I had to avoid a few obstacles, between the traffic in turns 6 and 7 then the plastic debris in turn 8, it was a disaster, tell Sergio Perez. With this setback, I ended up losing a few tenths, which would have been enough to overtake. » Despite discomfort on track, Mexican admits he lost performance between 3rd and 3rd free practice qualifications. ” After setting the 5th fastest time this morning, we thought we had found the light with a few changes, but it wasn’t enough. » In 18th place starting gridSergio Pérez has no illusions about the race anymore. ” The weekend is completely gone, unfortunately there is no chance of overtaking in Monaco. »

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Posted on May 25, 2024 at 7:45 p.m

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