Modular Building Kit for GenAI Solutions

TCS: AI models and tools integrated

June 24, 2024, 10:40 AM |

Jörg Schröper

TCS has developed a platform that aims to make generative AI models and tools from different cloud providers accessible and comparable in a uniform interface.

Artificial intelligence and especially generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) offer a wide range of possible applications throughout the entire value chain of companies. However, due to the dynamic developments, there is currently a lot of uncertainty among solution developers about the right solutions GenAI-Select base models, test them and determine which ones are suitable for the intended application area. Because each base model varies in capabilities and infrastructure requirements that must be met, each of which has a significant impact on the use, cost and effectiveness of the total solution.

This is exactly where TCS AI WisdomNext from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) should start. It offers a modular kit of reusable solution building blocks to develop and introduce scalable GenAI solutions quickly and cost-effectively, while taking into account regulatory requirements, TCS says. The solution combines various GenAI models under a unified interface and enables comparison of the models between providers, including with your own or open-source models. It therefore provides important decision support for designers and developers of GenAI solutions.

Siva Ganesan, Global Head, AI.Cloud Business Unit, TCS, said, “The platform helps our clients effectively use GenAI to increase their competitiveness. This is achieved because only now can they unleash the full potential of their data to make business-critical processes both more efficient and innovative.” According to Ganesan, clients value the platform to navigate a diverse and rapidly evolving AI market and quickly develop solutions using the “art of the possible”. This helps them solve pressing business problems with GenAI’s innovative approaches.

In a test phase, several prototypes have already been created for many of the largest customers – with direct added value for their business. For example, an American outdoor advertising company uses it to boost sales through automated listings and real-time inventory information in combination with geo-tagging. At an insurance company in the US, the platform increased productivity and efficiency in the migration and modernization of applications. A bank in the UK uses it to develop an intelligent mortgage assistant.

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