Microsoft Build 2024: AI is ready to automate jobs

The Microsoft Build conference for developers has present a series of revolutionary AI features and partnerships aimed at improving productivity and training tools. This event highlighted Microsoft’s continued commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies into its product suite, bringing new opportunities to businesses and educational institutions.

Microsoft revealed Copilot agents, professional AI assistants designed to perform tasks autonomously. These agents, currently in the testing phase, should be available to the public in preview later this year. The introduction of Copilot agents means a step towards more automated and efficient business operations, reducing the burden of routine tasks on employees.

New Phi-3 vision, a compact AI model, can read text and analyze images on mobile devices, improving data processing capabilities on the go. The ability of the Phi-3 vision model to analyze text and images on mobile devices demonstrates a significant advance in mobile AI applications, making advanced data analysis more accessible and practical.

A new AI assistant in Microsoft Teams, called ” Team Copilot ”, is designed to manage meetings, projects and tasks, streamline workflow and productivity. Team Copilot in Microsoft Teams is poised to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and manage projects, ensuring smoother and more efficient workflows.

Microsoft Edge now has a tool that translates YouTube and other video content in real-time, helping to remove language barriers when watching videos. Microsoft Edge’s real-time video translation feature promotes inclusion by giving users access to video content in their preferred language, improving the overall user experience.

The integration of OpenAI GPT-4o i Copilot and the Azure AI suite highlight the collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, which aims to make cutting-edge AI capabilities available to a wider audience.

Partnering with Khan Academy to provide US K-12 teachers with free access to Khanmigo, an AI-powered teacher assistant, underscores Microsoft’s commitment to supporting education through innovative AI.

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