Media Hiconics will debut a whole new line of innovative residential green energy products at Intersolar 2024.

MUNICH, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hiconics Eco-Energy Technology (“Media Hiconix”; SHE300048), an energy brand under the Media banner, will soon surprise visitors to the Intersolar Salon 2024. Munich Introducing a complete range of residential green energy products, including tot-in-one residential energy storage systems (RESS), indoor photovoltaic inverters, EV chargers and rooftop photovoltaic solutions.

presented on Standing C2 670, the complete energy solutions for the residents of Media Hikonics impress many visitors with their excellent photovoltaic energy storage, modern design and electrification technologies, and include a home storage device tout-in-one , including an integrated battery case. DC-DC rectifier using high voltage parallel system. At the Intersolar 2024 show, MediaHyconics presented here 16 innovative and well-developed waveforms for efficient energy production and effective use of the electric arc detection function (AFCI). TÜV NORD, TÜV SUD and TÜV Rhineland have received the latest certifications for Media Hikonics batteries and waveforms, and the company has received TÜV NORD’s witness laboratory certification.

We are excited to present our products at Intersolar 2024, so we can see the importance to business leaders of having the ability to provide solutions at a complete production scale. Hu Junfeng, R&D Director of Media Hiconics. “This approach is very convenient to examine the benefits and current debates.”

Compte tenu du continuous reinforcement des policies d’investissement et de soutien aux energies vertes dans les pays européens au cours de ces dernieres, la demande duits de stockage d’énergie de mestique a connu une croissance rapide. As the main media driving force behind this segment’s development, Media Hiconix is ​​looking forward to the success of international brands.EuropeAustralia, America and Africa in the international trade circuit cadre.

Media Hiconics, with the quality of its products as an unchanging priority, continuously develops sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with high sincerity. On this occasion, strategic cooperation agreements were signed with regional customers Francede Turquie et d’ailleurs.

The change of media technics is based on constant efforts in terms of technological innovation. In the year In 2023, the company will invest 147.41 million yuan in R&D, an increase of 72.96% compared to last year. With a network of 33 international R&D centers, 4 major research institutes and more than 50 basic laboratories, Media provides collaboration on R&D materials at the core of its activities. In addition to increasing R&D investments, Media Hiconics will integrate Media’s existing production systems and invest in advanced automated production lines, including white machines that meet the 100 standard. 000 and des arthouse centers of high niveau. This ensures effective delivery of high quality products backed by rigorous quality tests using tools and equipment.

The Midea quality assurance system for electronic equipment strengthens the quality improvement efforts of Midea Hiconics. Media’s extensive experience with product managers marketing and strong capabilities in terms of aesthetic concepts have influenced Media Hiconics’ products and user experiences. These products provide performance and beauty for the home, reflecting the desire of modern families to live in an ecological, efficient and smart way.

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In the year Created in 2003, MediaHyconix was added to the stock market. Shenzhen 20 January 2010 under the acronym “Hiconics” and stock code 300048. By 2023, three major business domains will emerge, many Residential energy productsright High and low stress corporations inter aliaMedia Photovoltaic solutions.

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