MaxTerial has raised nearly $8 million in Series A funding

It cements its place as a disruptive force in materials science innovation.

Pleasanton, California, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Maxmaterial, a technology company dedicated to pioneering materials science, including the commercialization of advanced coatings, has announced the successful closing of its Series A funding round, raising nearly all of its funding. 8 million dollars. This chapter highlights MaxTerial’s impact on disruptive materials science technologies and its commitment to reshaping traditional industry norms with flexible and environmentally responsible solutions.

CEO Dr. Mehdi Kargar and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Amy Hagdost, MaxTerial pioneered material science developments for nearly a decade. The company’s lean approach to achieving optimal product growth has won much acclaim, attracting customers and influential investors. Peter Thiel Breakout Labs, Pierre Omidyar’s UP2398, and corporate innovation leaders such as Saint-Gobain and Anglo American.

The Series A funding round, led by Helios Climate Ventures, with the participation of global corporation QEMETICA (formerly CEEC) and Mott Corporation, strengthens Maxtrial’s position in climate-specific innovations. This capital will enable Maxmaterials to leverage its R&D efforts, including large-scale testing, to expand its products and North America And Europe.

“We are very happy to have secured it soon 11 million dollars To provide equitable financing, which reflects investors’ confidence in our vision, our unique go-to-market strategies and the transformative potential of our technology,” said Dr. Mehdi KargarCEO of Maxterial. “This scalable platform addresses many markets in urgent need of flexible and sustainable solutions. Series A funding will allow us to drive transformative growth across multiple industries.”

MaxTerial uses Hexavalent Hard Chrome (H-Chrome) to replace environmentally harmful and energy-intensive processes with safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials science startups struggle to attract investment. The company breaks those cycles by integrating investors, customers, supply chain and industry experts into a product and service model that delivers exceptional performance, accelerates change and reduces risk.

Maxterial has already gained significant initial traction. In the ongoing experiments Europe And North America They are attracting early adopters who are eager to find a good solution. Prioritizing durability, performance and flexibility, Maxmaterial can resist wear, heat and corrosion, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate toxic materials such as hexavalent chromium.

“We plan to create a company that delivers unique technology and unique profits,” said Dr. Kargar. “As we accelerate our actions, we want to share our insights and expertise with entrepreneurs, industry leaders and investors interested in driving positive change.”

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Maxmaterial is a Bay Area technology company dedicated to pioneering advances in materials science, including the introduction of advanced coatings. In the year Founded in 2015, Maxmaterial uses ecologically lean technology to develop innovative solutions that protect against wear, heat and corrosion while reducing the carbon footprint and removing toxic materials from industrial processes. MaxTerial is committed to responsible change in the materials science industry through thought leadership, innovation and collaboration that inspires others to embrace responsible innovation.

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