LinkedIn: Job search also uses artificial intelligence

LinkedIn decided to introduce a new function implemented for job search. The latter is based on systems with artificial intelligence and will allow users to improve their resume. In addition, the latter will also receive advice from chatbots specialists Unfortunately, these innovations are not yet accessible to everyone. In fact, they will be reserved for Premium subscribers of the platform. Also, it will initially only be present globally on english language. Confirmation of the new feature came from a blog post published by Tom Cohen from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn leverages AI for job hunting

One of the main features will allow you to use a natural language while looking for a new job. In this sense, in blog the possibility of writing is mentioned consultation like “find me a job as a social media manager in Milan with a salary of at least 3,000 euros per month”.

With the new system LinkedIn will analyze user resumes and provide personalized suggestions. In this way, the search will be improved based on the different job offers that are present on the platform. Users will be able to to modify in a certain way interactive your CV with the help of artificial intelligence. This way you can also create one Cover letter.

LinkedIn will not only use AI to help users find work. In fact, it appears that the company is also experimenting with the use of “AI personality“. Users of the platform will be able to chat with the latter and delve into related topics business world. Between “instructors” available are Anil Gupta, Alicia Reece, Lisa Gates and Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts.

At the moment this is the only published information about the new LinkedIn feature. They have not been released yet accurate timing for the release. In addition, it is not yet clear whether they will be immediately available in Italian, considering that English will be used as the base language for the global spread of the system

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