Legambiente and MET Group have been awarded 5 Renewable Energy Communities

As part of the first edition of the Renewable and Solidarity Energy Communities Award, organized by Legambiente and MET Group, recognition was given to five. Italian sustainability facts.

The CERS award

of the CERS award was created to increase the opportunities offered by Renewable Energy Communities from the point of view of environmental protection and solidarity and the promotion of local community activities for production and self-use to renewable energy.

8 members (experts, journalists and colleagues) evaluated the jury 27 CER in the race. In particular, the following were observed:

  • organizers,
  • benefits for society,
  • try again,
  • the replicability of the model of each project.

The five winners – divided into two categories, one dedicated to completed CERs and one to those in the design phase – will receive a cash prize and free consultation from the MET Group.

Renewable Energy Community Success

In the section “CERS achieved”, the The first place to go is the “Solar Valley” – Monferrato project, which involved 10 government agencies of the two provinces, as well as citizens and organizations. The Community uses a portion of the incentives for community initiatives.

In the second place “CommOn Light”, recommended by Ferla Township (Syracuse)in collaboration with the University of Catania.

of the third place won by “Eight minutes from the sun”, the CER made by the Pro Loco of the district of Tor Fiscale in Rome.

These three CERs use solar photovoltaic as a renewable energy source.

In the category “CERS in the program“Deeds Pay”Ventotene” (first place) and “STIF-ONE” (second place). The first project, created by the inhabitants of the island, focuses on a first step in photovoltaic solar; then experiments with micro-wind and wave motion will be carried out. The second, however, involves the restoration of the old hydroelectric plant in Stifone, a village of Narni (Terni) and the creation of a new energy production hub, from water and photovoltaic sources.

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