Laifen Wave: If an electric toothbrush and a smart watch had a baby

I had no plans to trade my trusty Oral-B for the Laifen Wave, a connected electric toothbrush. But I don’t regret taking the plunge. Its minimalist and clean design, innovative application and unique brushing technology convinced me. I’ll tell you why you should try it in this comprehensive Laifen Wave review.

Laifen wave


  • Minimalistic and refined design
  • Very solid autonomy
  • Practical application
  • No docking station required
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Great value


  • There is not enough analytics in the app

Laifen wave

Laifen Wave: All offers

Price and availability

Editor’s note: This test is part of a partnership between Laifen and nextpit. This partnership had no influence on the editorial content and evaluation of this test.

The Laifen Wave retails for €65 for the white plastic version. The manufacturer also offers an aluminum version for 97 euros. Each variant contains three brush heads as well as a charger. You can easily buy it on Amazon or via manufacturer’s official website.

WITH mother’s day promotion Laifen Wave offers up to 20% off and is not only a smart buy, it’s also a thoughtful gift.

Laifen Wave connected toothbrush in original packaging

The Laifen Wave Smart Toothbrush comes in a carefully designed box with an Apple-like unboxing experience. / © nextpit


The Laifen Wave electric toothbrush combines premium design with practical use. Available in stainless steel, aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, I opted for the latter during testing

This well-designed toothbrush is not only stylish but also durable as it resists water and dirt and keeps it clean. Its brush heads have copper-free bristles that reduce bacterial growth and improve oral health.

Laifen Wave connected toothbrush front view with zoom on switch

You will recognize the modes you will be using by the light diodes located at the top of the toothbrush handle. / © nextpit

One of the most notable features is the use of LEDs on the handle, which reflect the mode selected in the app using three distinct points. The inclusion of airplane mode, which is activated by long pressing the power button or directly through the app, is especially useful when traveling.

I don’t usually take my Oral-B on the go because of its bulky charging cradle, but the Laifen Wave’s sleek and efficient charging system and ease of transport makes me think it might be indispensable on my next travels.

The brush also features extra soft 0.02mm tapered bristles designed to be gentle on the gums, with optional brush heads including Gum-care, Super-clean and Ultra-whitening to meet different dental needs (gum care, thorough cleaning and whitening).

Three brush heads of Laifen wool viewed from above

Brush head options, from left to right: Super-clean, Gum care and Ultra-whitening. / © nextpit

Properties and applications

The Laifen Wave has a double action mechanism that gives it great punching power. This intelligent design combines precise 60° back and forth movement and up to 66,000 vibrations per minute thanks to an exclusive motor system. This motor is not only about power, but also about control, which ensures smooth and precise operation of the toothbrush for optimal cleaning

Laifen Wave connected toothbrush held horizontally in left hand

The Laifen Wave offers excellent handling, is light and surprisingly quiet. / © nextpit

Thanks to this technology, Laifen Wave not only cleans your teeth, but also more efficiently, reaching more areas of your mouth and maintaining constant power even under pressure. This means deeper clean, healthier gums and ultimately a brighter smile.

If you are used to the traditional circular brushing mechanism, Laifen Wave’s different approach may seem strange at first. The first few uses you run the risk of smearing toothpaste on the mirror, and it’s easy to accidentally touch the back of the brush head to your teeth, which may seem unusual. However, once you get used to this new technique, you will find that it is extremely comfortable and surprisingly gentle, requiring only minimal pressure. Plus, it’s incredibly quiet.

Screenshots of Laifen Wave

The Laifen Wave companion app gives you a variety of controls in three different modes. / © nextpit

Intelligent functions for personalized care

Laifen Wave is no ordinary toothbrush. Its sleek design isn’t just a facade: the app also seamlessly integrates with other Laifen gadgets, including the sleek Laifen Swift Special and Laifen SE hair dryers, which are currently attracting fans’ attention with their sales tags.

Compared to my usual Oral-B, the most notable feature of the Laifen Wave is undoubtedly its application. The ability to adjust vibration intensity, oscillation range and speed across a spectrum of ten intensities sets a new standard, although I want more.

In comparison, my smart water filter not only tracks my water usage throughout the year, but also includes a direct link to purchase essential accessories such as cartridges and CO2, with timely notice of expiration. This shows that while the Laifen app is a step in the right direction, it still has room for improvement.

Ideally, the app should also provide analytics on the most used modes and alert me when it’s time to replace the brush head. Even more, I would like the AI ​​to evaluate the lifespan of my teeth, although the practicality of this functionality remains to be demonstrated. Given the vital role oral health plays in overall well-being, it would be a good idea to link it to my Apple Health app.

Connected Laifen Wave toothbrush close-up zoomed in on the battery LED indicator

The battery charging icon shows when you need to recharge the Laifen Wave, and the airplane mode icon shows whether it is on or off. / © nextpit

The device benefits from automatic firmware updates, making it easy to stay up-to-date. When it comes to privacy, Laifen is transparent and straightforward. The company operates globally and relies on a network of resources and servers. However, it does not say if there are servers outside of China or where they are located.

Battery and charging

The Laifen Wave electric toothbrush impresses with its battery performance. Unlike many competitors that take 24 hours to fully charge, Laifen Wave has a fast charging function and will be fully charged in just 2.5 hours using the magnetic fast charging system.

It can run for up to 30 days on a medium setting after a charge, making it suitable for everyday use as well as ideal for travelling.

Laifen wave bottom connected toothbrush with charging port

The charging cable easily attaches to the bottom of the handle with magnets, making it easy to snap into place. / © nextpit

Reflecting the simplicity of Apple MagSafe, the magnetic charging cable snaps easily into place. A USB-C connector instead of USB-A at the end of the charging cable and a full charge app notification would be nice, but these are minor tweaks for an otherwise premium product order.

Charging cable for the Laifen wave toothbrush connected from above in the original box

The charging cable has a MagSafe design and a USB-A connector for the power adapter. / © nextpit

Technical sheet

Laifen wave
Electric motor
Range of oscillations
Vibration frequency
  • Up to 66,000 vibrations per minute
Handle material
  • Stainless steel / aluminum alloy / ABS
Material of brush bristles
  • Cone bristles PBT KR / DuPont Nylon
Brush head price
  • €9.99 for a pack of 3
Charging method
  • Fast magnetic charging in 2.5 hours
Water resistance
  • 2 charging modes / 3 types of brushing / 10 levels of cleaning intensity


Let’s get one thing straight up front: testing toothbrushes is not my area of ​​expertise. However, after spending years testing connected gadgets, I’ve also amassed quite a bit of “experience” with electric toothbrushes. My main criteria? The way my mouth feels after brushing. And in this area, the Laifen wave really shines.

After spending a whole day with this device, the results are in: my mouth is flawless, my teeth are shiny and my gums will thank me for this gentle treatment. The game changer is the connectivity: the toothbrush is connected to my smartphone, giving me access to the oral hygiene dashboard on the big screen.

This digital dimension that Laifen has introduced to the electric toothbrush market is full of potential and I can’t wait to see how they develop these capabilities.

But for now, if you’re looking for a stylish and efficient electric toothbrush that won’t cost you too much, the Laifen Wave deserves a place in your bathroom.

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