Kyocera increases climate protection

Production with renewable energy sources

October 9, 2023, 10:35 am |

Jörg Schröper

Kyocera Document Solutions, known as an information and document management provider, says it is increasingly focusing on sustainability in the energy supply of its main production sites.

The company’s two production facilities in Vietnam and China will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources. Switching to renewable energy allows the company to produce its printing and multifunction systems as well as OPC drums in a more environmentally friendly way, Kyocera continued.

The change affects the company’s two main plants. In addition, the research and development unit at the Vietnam manufacturing plant will use only renewable energy sources for its operations in the future.

The company is also pursuing a number of initiatives aimed at contributing to greater sustainability in production. In Dongguan, China, for example, new, high-efficiency air conditioning systems and a modern energy management system have been introduced in recent years to monitor and sustainably reduce energy consumption.

In addition, various measures have been implemented to reduce water consumption. This includes the installation of a gray water treatment system, which is used to reuse water from production that has already been used to wash parts as cooling water in the factory. This made it possible to reduce the annual water consumption by 48,000 cubic meters.

Kyocera Document Solutions is also working intensively on comprehensive sustainability initiatives at its two smaller manufacturing facilities in Japan to further conserve resources and switch to 100% renewable energy, the manufacturer continued. To this end, the company increasingly uses energy-saving production systems, supplies its sites with green electricity and installs photovoltaic systems in all production facilities to generate its own solar energy. Existing solar systems will be gradually expanded. Kyocera expects to be able to generate about 8.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually this way by 2026.

Kyocera has set long-term environmental goals that align with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. One of these goals is to use 100% renewable energy in all locations by 2030. In addition, Kyocera Corporation aims to become climate neutral in all corporate areas worldwide by 2050 at the latest and to reduce its emissions by 46 %.

According to the announcement, the German national company Kyocera Document Solutions Germany also promotes various initiatives to protect the climate and the environment. The company’s headquarters in Meerbusch, Lower Rhine, has its own photovoltaic system for the production of solar energy and uses 100% green electricity. In accordance with the principle of “avoidance before reduction before compensation”, our corporate carbon footprint is regularly recalculated according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Scope 1 and 2 as well as related Scope 3 emissions, in order to determine the current status and impact of our own measures to assess emissions reductions. Emissions that cannot yet be avoided are offset through certified climate protection projects.

“Sustainability has always been a central theme for Kyocera and plays an important role in all our business decisions,” said Dietmar Nick, CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions Germany. “The careful use of resources is therefore an issue that we are constantly promoting at many levels – from product development to manufacturing to the operation of the customer’s system. By converting our most important production facilities to 100 percent renewable energy, we have reached a real milestone on the way to the 1.5 degree target. I’m very proud of that!”

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