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Metering specialist Janitza says it has been certified as a CO2 neutral company. Impressively, this certification was achieved well ahead of the original 2030 target.

In this way, Janitza not only demonstrates its commitment to climate protection, but also its effectiveness in implementing sustainable measures. With the “ClimatePartner certified” label, the company is committed to firmly integrating climate protection goals into corporate strategy and implementing mitigation measures.

The “ClimatePartner Certified” label means that CO2-The footprint is calculated regularly, the company sets targets for CO reduction2emissions, specific measures have already been implemented, certified climate protection projects are supported and climate protection measures are transparently communicated through a single Climate ID website.

“The certification is a visible result of our efforts as a medium-sized company in the CO sector2-Neutrality to take a pioneering role, as well as a commitment to the future development of the company to reduce the share of CO2– emissions,” said Rudolf Müller, CEO of Janitza Electronics.

Emissions are systematically recorded in all fields. These indicate where the CO2-Emissions occur, either directly inside the company or outside, for example during transport. Janitza energy meters are primarily used to determine emissions. The data is supplemented by information from upstream and downstream activities of the company. During the evaluation, data from 120 measurement devices were evaluated, 2,627 were bought and 24,387 were sold, the manufacturer continued.

The assessment of field emissions showed that the majority of emissions are caused by upstream and downstream activities such as purchased products and logistics. “Emissions in Scope 1 and 2 are only 0.5 percent of total emissions. This means we can reduce the CO directly caused by us2-Emissions could be reduced to a minimum. This is the result of our efforts in recent years to create highly efficient and sustainable production,” said Patrick Steiß, Energy Manager at Janitza Eectronics.

In CO2To reduce emissions, a very important and far-reaching measure has already been implemented in emission accounting: From mid-2022, the Lahnau and Wetzlar locations purchase 100% green electricity with proof of origin. In addition, part of the logistics was transferred to CO2– changed to neutral quest. Combined with previously implemented measures to increase efficiency, such as the installation of heat pumps and three photovoltaic systems, emissions were significantly reduced, the company continued. These measures have been complemented by the ever-increasing electrification of the company’s fleet and the offer of work bikes for employees.

In addition to reducing emissions in your own company, funding climate protection projects is an important part of your climate protection strategy. For this purpose, important and certified projects are financially supported in collaboration with Climate Partners. These climate protection projects are certified according to international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard and are regularly audited by independent third parties.

This makes them an important tool in the fight against climate change. The projects supported by Janitza include, on the one hand, measures in the field of renewable energy sources, on the other hand, in the field of reforestation and forest management, as well as in the field of socio-ecological development. through efficient and therefore more climate-friendly cooking stoves. Compensatory measures contribute among other things. contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

An important part of climate protection measures is also transparent communication about measures and further developments in the field of climate protection. That’s why customers and partners can access the Climate ID website via the QR code on the “ClimatePartner certified” label to understand the company’s climate protection measures in detail. This makes it possible to trace the total emissions, the climate protection strategy, the reduction measures implemented and detailed information on climate protection projects.

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