IT system houses do not have to become AI clouds themselves

Genesis: AI Resources from the Cloud

May 28, 2024, 2:26 PM |

Michaela Wurm

Norman Behrend, Chief Customer Officer of Genesis Cloud

The demand for AI resources is increasing. At the same time, GPU prices are skyrocketing and there is a shortage of AI experts. One solution is AI resources from the cloud, such as those offered by Genesis. Because not every IT system house has to become an AI cloud provider itself, says Norman Behrend, CCO of Genesis.

Connect professionally: Genesis Cloud is still a relatively young company in the cloud environment. What is the core business and what cloud services does Genesis Cloud offer?

Norman Behrend: Genesis Cloud is an accelerated cloud service provider that offers the latest Nvidia reference architecture. This means we offer high ROIGPU-Multi-site infrastructure with HPC data centers. Our cloud architecture is specifically designed for GenAImachine learning, simulations, rendering, and other high-performance computing workloads.

What makes Genesis Cloud different from other cloud providers?

Behrend: We have many years of experience in providing cloud infrastructure services to customers who need ML and GenAIworkload works. While most other providers see this as an add-on to their latest offering and perhaps a one-size-fits-all approach for their broad portfolio, we are fully focused on one thing: delivering the highest possible performance for the specific HPC workloads. at an affordable price and with the highest security standards. And this from Munich, taking into account the German and European framework conditions. And we use renewable energy in our data centers. In this way we also help our customers with their compliance and ESG requirements.

From a technical perspective, our own infrastructure is optimized to provide the greatest possible computing power to individual customers by providing them with dedicated resources in certified data centers. Coming from the HPC world, we were able to build the best infrastructure from the start and focus our continuous improvement on maximizing performance per dollar and technical excellence without relying on third-party solutions.

Which customer groups do you want to address with this?

Behrend: We support companies in all sectors and can meet management requests with high technical expectations Machine learning– Align engineers and chief AI officers.

What is the go-to-market strategy? Do you reach your customers through sales partners and if so, which ones?

Behrend: We want to focus on building the most powerful HPC infrastructure for GenAI and other compute-intensive workloads. But we don’t want to build our own software stack, we want to stay flexible and offer solutions from customers and partners to optimize other users’ workloads.

We often work together with selected technology partners and machine learning platforms. However, we do not have a so-called reseller channel, although we do not want to rule it out. However, when it comes to services for business customers, customers usually approach us directly or indirectly – via technology partners, given the size of the projects and the specificity of the requirements that require a customized solution.

Given the changes in the IT market, IT system houses must develop their portfolio towards cloud and managed services. What opportunities do AI clouds offer you and how can you become an AI cloud provider yourself?

Behrend: We believe that it is not necessary for IT system houses or service providers to become AI clouds themselves, but that they should build strong relationships with existing AI clouds. Because these clouds have the specialist knowledge and have already made the investments. It will be difficult for IT service providers and system houses not to lose contact here.

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