Irish DPC stops training Meta AI in Europe

As part of growth controversies surrounding the company Mark Zuckerberg, significant new developments emerge. After the recent ones speculations in terms of the integration of AI Cameras in headphones, The half now faces a postponement imposed by theIrish Data Protection Commission (DPC).

Meta and its AI project in Europe: all suspended

O June 14, 2024through an update published on the official Meta blog, it was made known that the DPC asked the company suspend training of his great linguistic models (LLM) with public content shared by adult users on Facebook and Instagram. This petition represents a heavy blow to The halfwhich declared “disappointed” of the decision, stressing that he had already informed European data protection authorities in March 2024.

goal has criticized the decision of the Irish Data Protection Commission which defines it as “step back for European innovation and competence in the development of AI”, stressing that such postponement will further delay i benefits of artificial intelligence for people in Europe. The company reiterated its commitment to support an “approach in line with European laws and regulations”.

this suspension temporarily placed state of rest the project of Goal AI in Europeawaiting further developments, including those related to the requests of theOffice of the Information Commissioner of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, we remember that in May 2024, The half I had sent a communication by e-mail to the users of their social networks, including the Italian ones, announcing theupdate of its Privacy Policy in view of the expansion of AI. The email contained a link called “right of opposition“, useful for those who want to avoid that your data is used for LLM training. After clicking the link, users are asked to fill out a form, which may require repeated entry of security codes.

The EU is on the side of citizens and not companies

O expected changes were going to come into effect June 26, 2024but now, because of suspension decided by the DPC, in Europe everything is postponed on a date to be determined.

In parallel, The half has recently been hit by one million fine inflicted byItalian antitrust. The AGCM accused Facebook of two deceptive trade practices regarding the creation and management of accounts on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. This represents one more headache for the company, already under pressure from issues related to data protection and AI regulation in Europe.

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