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You are a regular user of the services Illegal IPTV ? So the party is over! ACE is stepping up the pressure against its streaming services and their regulars. While some sites have delivered their domain names, others are still in the shadows, but not for long.

IPTV pages or Internet Protocol TeleVision they are more appreciated in France, while they become a real nightmare for rights holders. A study reveals it 5.1% of French people use these illegal platforms and the numbers are even more staggering in some European countries.

In 2021 we will identify 17.1 million pirated IPTV users in Europe. And that’s not all because losses caused by these illegal sites reach up to 1 billion euros annually in the sports sector and 500 million euros for TV channels.

That’s the reason why fight against pirated streaming and illegal IPTV strengthened. The justice system and other rights holders want to punish outlaws at all costs, even though there are many users of this solution. Even if the costs of a police investigation of this type of intervention are quite expensive. The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment is using a new technique to stop piracy.

Many IPTV domain names entered

The fight against piracy, carried out by ACE, a branch of the MPA, has been intensifying for some time. In this context, he constantly captures domain names of illegal services and sites. The organization is also trying to negotiate with these platforms by persuading them to shut down their services or face tougher penalties.

Recently, the fight is even more intense as they take control of several domain names. Now most illegal IPTV services are no longer working, for example xnetiptv.com. If you try to enter the page, you will find a a precautionary message from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment with introduction: “This website is no longer available due to copyright infringement. “Don’t put yourself at risk by using or subscribing to illegal streaming services.”

After 2 minutes the user will redirected on the official ACE platform. Since the beginning of the year, more than 600 domains have published this ACE report.

Users also in search of rights holders

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a an organization that represents the interests of major platforms and studiosas Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+, Warner Bros or even Canal+ in France.

This organization is about to deal another blow to users. According to TorrentFreak, subscribers to these piracy services will be logged and counted. This practice is part of MPA Intelligence Collection Program.

This is a way to change the general sense of impunity currently experienced by those accustomed to this technique. Remember that researching online content without the consent of rights holders is engaging responsibility of the service provider and its customers. Users of these platforms can also be accused of concealing forgeries. They bring so much A fine of 300,000 euros or worse 3 years in prison.

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