iOS 18: The new frontiers of privacy on the iPhone

apple, recently officially presented iOS 18. The new operating system for iPhone that puts unprecedented attention security and privacy of users’ personal data. This version introduces a number of innovations aimed at ensuring advanced protection. However, the overall user experience is always fluid and intuitive.

iOS 18: Security at the Center

One of the main innovations to highlight is represented by the system Private cloud computing for Siri. With this technology, Siri will use generative artificial intelligence models directly from the device to manage your users’ requests. Only in cases of necessity, the virtual assistant will be able to access the PCC. That it will only process the data essential for the requested activity, without storing or making it accessible to Apple. This approach thus ensures that users’ privacy is preserved to the fullest, with their sensitive data always safe.

Another important innovation concerns application management. iOS18 lets you hide apps in a specific folder in the AppLibrary. It will only be accessible via Face ID, Touch ID or unlock code.

Lots of new things coming

But that’s still not all. iOS 18 also introduces a new password platform. The latter is available on iPadOS and macOS and acts as a center for password management. This application allows users to securely store their passwords. That will sync encrypted via iCloud, ensuring safe and reliable access even on Windows devices.

Another key feature is the ability to to check to which contact information an application can access. Until now, people often had to grant full access to their address book in order to use certain applications. With iOS18, however, it’s possible to specifically select which contacts to share with a given platform. Limit access to only information that is strictly necessary.

In short, it is now clear that all these innovations not only strengthen the confidence of customers in the use of Apple devices, but also set new standards in the industry. To ensure advanced data protection in an increasingly complex and interconnected digital environment.

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