iOS 18 Beta 2 brings iPhone mirroring – so you can also try it in the EU

Apple is preparing its new operating systems for its first public beta and has released a second developer preview that includes all kinds of bug fixes and a few new features.

Unfortunately, the new version is a bit of a disappointment for iPhone owners in the EU, as some expected features have been removed. But first, let’s take a look at iPhone mirroring. iPadOS 18 is also an important innovation for EU users.

iOS 18: Apple brings the iPhone to the Mac – but not yet to the EU

Apple is about to release another developer beta Expressed functions that initially cannot be used in Europe due to disputes with the EU was meant to be. In addition to AI functions, these include e.g Apple Intelligence also called Shareplay screen sharing and iPhone mirroring.

This is what it looks like if you want to turn on iPhone mirroring on an EU iPhone running iOS 18. (Screenshot: t3n)

The latter feature was released with the second developer beta alongside the new screen sharing feature, and it lets you control your iPhone through your Mac. The Mac must have the latest version of macOS Sequoia, which is also available for developers to install.

Anyone installing new versions of the operating system on their devices with a European Apple ID will receive a message when starting iPhone mirroring on a Mac that the feature cannot be used in this country. Anyone who activates the feature on devices with a non-European Apple ID can still get a first impression.

Here's how it looks to everyone else on an iPhone running iOS 18. (Screenshot: t3n)

Here’s how it looks to everyone else on an iPhone running iOS 18. (Screenshot: t3n)

That’s exactly what we did and connected the devices with a US Apple ID: If you turn on the function, an application window will open and you can interact on the Mac with all the applications you have installed on the iPhone. It is important that the screen is locked.

You can also drag files from your Mac to your phone. iPhone notifications also appear on Mac and can be opened by clicking on the mirrored iPhone interface.

iPadOS 18: Alternative app stores are coming

Apple has released iPadOS Beta 2 for the iPad Preparations doneintegrate alternative app stores and make additional tweaks to unlock the operating system. The tablet’s operating system had these requirements The EU Commission sent Apple in April 2024 and gave the manufacturer six months to do it.

Developers can already test the changes known from iOS 17.4 in the beta version of iPadOS 18. This includes not only alternative app stores, but also alternative in-app payment methods, browser engines like Chromium, and sideloading of individual apps from websites.

What else?

Part of the iOS 18 Beta 2 update is RCS communication protocol integration, which can be used to securely write messages and share high-resolution photos between iOS and Android. loud 9-5 Mac However, this function cannot be used yet.

iOS 18 Beta 2 also supports new Sharplay screen sharing features, such as the ability to take over and control another person’s screen.

In addition, iOS 18 has changed small details here and there. The App Store now has a dark icon.

Almost ready!

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