IBM Think 2024: open source commitment, updates to Watsonx and strategic partnerships

The edition of Think 2024, an annual event organized by IBM, dedicated to information technology, innovation and digital transformation, took place from May 21 to 23 in Boston. Arvind Krishna, its CEO, has announced several updates for its platform Watsonx as well as upcoming data and automation features designed to make AI more open, cost-effective and flexible for businesses.

During his opening speech, Arvind Krishna said:

“We strongly believe in the benefits of open innovation for AI. We want to use the power of open source to do with AI what Linux and OpenShift have done successfully.

Openness means choice. Openness means there are more eyes on the code, more minds on the problems, and more hands on the solutions. For technology to gain speed and become ubiquitous, a balance must be found between three elements: competition, innovation and security. Open source is a great way to achieve all three of these goals.”

The Granite family of open source templates

IBM’s strategy is to offer both third-party AI models and its own models. The company open sources its Granite code models developed by IBM Research. Available under the Apache 2.0 license on Hugging Face and GitHub, ranging from 3 billion to 34 billion parameters, trained in 116 programming languages, these models are suitable for tasks such as modernizing complex applications, code generation, bug fixing, code explanation and documentation. …

Tests conducted by IBM have shown that they perform very well, often outperforming other open source models twice their size. They are particularly effective in benchmarks such as HumanEvalPack, HumanEvalPlus, and the GSM8K reasoning benchmark, excelling at summarizing, correcting, explaining, editing, and translating code.

IBM and Red Hat launch InstructLab

IBM and Red Hat introduced InstructLab, a community project that allows developers to build domain-specific AI models with their own data. IBM plans to leverage these open source contributions to provide additional value to its customers through integration with and the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI (RHEL AI) solution.

New Watsonx assistants and major updates planned for 2024

IBM is developing various tools to help businesses overcome AI adoption challenges, including skills gaps and data complexity.

Last September, IBM announced AI assistants for various industries, including application modernization, customer service, human resources: Watsonx Code Assistant allow developers to convert code and generate recommendations, Assistant Watsonx provide intelligent customer service solutions and Watsonx Orchestra help HR professionals automate repetitive tasks.

IBM plans to enrich its product range this year with Watsonx Code Assistant for enterprise Java applicationsin October 2024, Watsonx assistant for Zto optimize use IBM Z platforms and service expansion Watsonx Code Assistant for Z with code explanations to help customers understand and document natural language applications in June 2024.

Strategic partnerships to strengthen the AI ​​ecosystem

IBM has expanded its ecosystem with strategic partnerships to provide its customers with greater choice and flexibility. Notable collaborations include collaborations with AWS, Adobe, Meta, Microsoft, Mistral AI, Palo Alto Networks, Salesforce, SAP, and SDAIA. For example, IBM and AWS are joining forces to integrate the AI ​​governance features of watsonx.governance with Amazon SageMaker.

The latest commercial Mistral AI models, including the flagship Mistral Large, will join the watsonx platform in Q2 2024.

Meta’s Llama 3 is already available, as is Saudi Arabia’s “ALLaM” model from the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA).

Advances in GPU and hybrid infrastructures

To meet the growing needs of AI, IBM is expanding its NVIDIA GPU offerings, including the NVIDIA L40S and NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPUs. These improvements will enable businesses to deploy AI faster while ensuring data security and compliance.

Launch of IBM Concert

IBM also introduced IBM Concert, a new automation tool powered by generative AI. It will be available in June 2024 and will enable enterprises to effectively manage their IT environments by anticipating and solving problems before they occur. The tool integrates with customers’ existing systems, provides a detailed view of their connected applications, and uses AI to optimize performance and security.

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