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The President of the Republic wants to speed up artificial intelligence. During a public appearanceEmmanuel Macron has announced measures to make France world champions.

Many of these measures reflect recommendations issued by the Commission on Artificial Intelligence, who revealed his news last March.

Healthy energy for future data centers

The government’s efforts will focus primarily on industrial capacities. The goal is to move upmarket in computing power and semiconductor manufacturing. Emmanuel Macron recalled that France can count on advantages from an energy point of view, which is a real “bottleneck of AI”. Because the AI ​​sector is often accused of being a very energy intensive industry.

“Thanks to nuclear power and renewables, we have a lot of low-carbon energy. And by 2027, we want to completely move away from thermal energy. So we have the capacity to place new data centers,” the president summarized.

However, it admits “delays in computing capabilities”. France has only 3% of the world’s GPUs. The president would like to reach 20%. For this, he realizes that it is necessary to rely on foreign players such as Amazon or Microsoft. Enough to justify recent investment commitments in France awarded by two American giants.

In the production of semiconductors, the president also wants to rely on partnerships with international players, especially American or Taiwanese ones. But Macron says he is “open” to new proposals.

Investment, sinews of war

Alongside these industry efforts, the government also wants national funding for AI. The new investment fund, in which the state will participate quarterly, must invest in “chips to the cloud through LLM” initiatives.

Emmanuel Macron also welcomed the efforts of French players that are already working, such as Mistral AI, but also new startup H. This new company just completed a $220 million fundraising. Investors include Accel, UiPath, Bpifrance, Eric Schmidt, Xavier Niel and even Amazon. However, the President did not refrain from criticizing European policy in this area and estimated that “Europe is the continent that regulates the best, but invests the least. »

Finally, note the announcement of a new strategic partnership with the United Arab Emirates, as reported by AFP. It focuses on close cooperation in research, data center investment, semiconductor industry and AI applications.

100,000 students are trained in artificial intelligence annually

The third part of the strategy announced by the president, the effort in favor of research. This includes doubling the number of people trained in artificial intelligence technologies. “Today we train 40,000 people a year, we want to increase to 100,000,” said the president.

Investments of 400 million euros in 9 specialized university research facilities were announced. But also a new chair program for clusters.

The President wants to extend this effort to national education as well, for example by offering training in artificial intelligence technologies from the 6th grade.

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