I tested my iPhone with Apple’s diagnostic tool and this is what I came up with

Who is at fault AppleIf you want to repair the device yourself, you can now get help from the manufacturer. The company has activated its “Diagnostics & Repair” tool in Germany. Tech-savvy users can use it iPhoneCheck the s, Mac and Studio Display for possible errors and replace the corresponding parts yourself if necessary. If something seems strange about the device, you can also use it yourself before repairing it to see what part might be broken.

But how does it work? This is what I wanted to know and I followed the process based on my own iPhone 12 played through. The device was launched in 2020, so it is almost four years old. It is still doing well, but due to its age, the opportunity for a checkup is just the right moment. Otherwise, devices older than iPhone 12 cannot go through the process.

What is important before diagnosis

To perform the diagnosis, you need another device. This can be a Mac, an iPad, another iPhone, or a Windows PC. What is important in each case is that the operating system or browser must be reasonably up-to-date. Mac needs at least macOS Catalina 10.15, iPhone iOS 13 and iPad iPadOS 13. If you’re using a Windows PC, it’s best to just use the current version of Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Here, too, the requirements are actually lower.

Important for the iPhone being diagnosed: Make sure you have at least iOS 17 installed. The battery must also not be empty.

How do I run iPhone diagnostics?

Before you start using your iPhone, open this address in the browser of your other device: https://getsupport.apple.com/self-service-diagnostics

To start the process, first disconnect all plugs and external accessories from your iPhone and turn it off. Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons after 30 seconds. When you do this, you should connect the device to a power source or computer. When the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen, release the button.

In addition to iPhones, you can run diagnostics on Macs and Studio Monitor. (Screenshot: t3n)

Now click on another device Continue. Now you have to choose which device it is. Chooses iPhone out. Now you need to enter the serial number. If you don’t know it by heart, just tap the little one on your iPhone i symbol lower right.

Then tap iPhone Start a session and connect to a WiFi network. Now you have to agree to send information like IMEI number and spare parts information to Apple for a “limited time”. The Company and third parties may use these to improve the performance of individual components or to protect you (or Apple) from fraud, among other things. But note: this is sensitive information. If you don’t want to pass it on, it’s better not to diagnose – especially if you want to go through the process out of curiosity.

If you have accepted this, you can start the process. You can choose which functions you want to test. This includes examining the screen for pixel errors or multi-touch functionality. Face ID can also be checked. All you have to do is go through the tests one by one or select an area where you think there is a fault.

Screenshot of the Apple Diagnostics tool.

The diagnostic tool guides you through the process with detailed instructions. (Screenshot: t3n)

It’s not always about clicking Start diagnostics did. Sometimes your help is needed. When looking for defective pixels, you should mark the corresponding parts of the screen with your fingers, in the multi-touch test, you should scan the entire screen with your fingers, and in the camera test, you should take several photos that will be deleted. again immediately after the test.

The charging bar on the iPhone shows how far the test has progressed. Each individual test only takes a few minutes. The results are displayed on another device. End the diagnosis by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the second device. You can then restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button Get out write.

I am lucky. My old iPhone gets through the course with flying colors and has green ticks all over it. So nothing is wrong. If this is different for you, we recommend scheduling a repair appointment with Apple or a third-party service provider of your choice.

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