HR managers have still not formalized the good use of artificial intelligence

How do human resources departments (HRD) intend to maintain control in the face of the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence (AI)? The question was asked during the May 14 HR meetings, the monthly HR news conference organized by The world in collaboration with ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions and Malakoff Humanis. Although this edition attracted a large audience, business representatives did not rush to highlight their achievements in this area. And with good reason, most HR managers are still only in the learning and experimentation phase.

“Technology has advanced enormously, adoption very little, mainly due to limiting beliefs”, notes Jérémy Lamri, director of HR innovation agency Tomorrow Theory, teacher at HEC and Sciences Po, which introduced the exchange. Using a few examples, the expert highlighted the importance of understanding what AI is: “a technology that aims to reproduce the way a human learns, thinks and interacts”. He cites Swedish finance company Klarna, where an AI handled two-thirds of incoming customer relationship requests. The satisfaction score has improved slightly, and above all, the average problem solving time has gone from 11 minutes 30 seconds for humans to 2 minutes 40 seconds for AI, potentially replacing 700 tasks full-time. But Klarna reserves the right to do so at the moment, so as not to send the wrong message to society.

Some companies present are starting to take advantage of this huge potential: at ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions, a recruitment consultancy, generative artificial intelligence (GAI) is now “integral part of the candidate support processes”according to Romain Chamot, head of digital factory (“digital factory”), which produces applications in-house. “This helps us analyze a person’s career path to offer them career development. » Kingfisher, for its part, has implemented an AGI that customers can query in-store, although most AI-related projects are still being tested.

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Several small tools are now well known, such as the virtual HR assistant that answers simple questions from employees. It is available from the sound system manufacturer L-Acoustics. The automated generation of job offers or job descriptions is also valued at Publicis or ManpowerGroup, although some managers are still wary of the tools’ reliability.

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