How to Split Screen on Mac

there split view mode on your Mac It’s a much-appreciated feature, available starting with the OS update macOS 10.11. Thanks to the split view, the user has the possibility to do this split computer screenquickly placing two windows on the left and right ends.

Split view mode can be started by some co operations mouse cursoreither through keyboard shortcuts. If you cannot configure this mode, it is recommended to go through the Configuration and the preferences device system.

How to Turn Split View Mode On and Off on Your Mac

Before going into the depth of the procedure to activate the split view mode (screen sharing) on ​​Mac, there is one important thing to keep in mind underlying assumption: in order for the operation to succeed, you need to make sure that it is not there any window or application that uses the full screen mode.

Then you just have to bring the mouse cursor on the green buttonlocated atupper left corner of the window: the same button with which you can switch the window to full screen mode.

If you hover over the button but don’t click, one will appear drop down menu dedicated to split view: here you can choose whether to place the window left half of the screen or activated right half.

Once you select your preferred split view position, the operating system will automatically insert the other windows open in the opposite half of the screen. At this point all the user has to do is do click on the window what you want to become priority and this will automatically “fill” half of the Mac screen left empty

To get out of mode Split Screen Mac just click escape button of the keyboard. Alternatively, you can also bring back mouse cursor on the green buttonwait until it appears drop down menu and select the name option Turn off full screen mode.

More useful information about Split View mode on your Mac

The macOS operating system has interesting features shortcut for split screen mode: keyboard shortcuts that they allow you turn split view on or offwithout having to use the mouse cursor.

To launch this command, simply hold down i at the same time Ctrl, Cmd and F keys on the keyboard, to start full screen mode. Then you need to press F3 key and see the Mission Controland then drag another app to insert it into the shared screen.

Alternatively it is also possible create one dedicated shortcut directly to the split view, bypassing the Mac System Preferences: from here you need to select the item keyboardThen Keyboard shortcuts and finally the voice Application Shortcuts.

Even if they were found problems with split viewit is possible to pass by macOS System Preferences: from here you need to select the item Desktop and Dockand then make sure the screens have the separate spaces enabled.

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