How to choose the perfect magnetic mosquito net for your home

We now have many tools at our disposal to defend ourselves against insectsMostly in Summerbut the magnetic mosquito net It is one of the most effective and practical. Certainly not the most technological and intelligent solution that exists, but it is still able to do its job very well by developing a mechanical barrier against the entry of mosquitoes into domestic environments. The whole at negligible cost and without having to be a DIY champion.

What it is and how to install it

A magnetic mosquito net is simply a curtain that consists of a network with a fine-meshed net, which, once attached to the window door, blocks the penetration of insects in the house, but allows both outside light and air to pass through. Whether it is magnetic depends on the system Magnetic closurepositioned in the central part of the net itself, thus leaving the passage of people and animals free and preventing dangerous gaps from remaining open, even accidentally.

The anchoring system is perhaps even simpler: it can be attached to the window frame easily Scotch tape or use nails (more stable) for wooden windows. In all cases, manufacturers provide different instructions for installing their mosquito nets, which are clear and understandable even for the most inexperienced users.

How are measurements carried out?

When we start talking about numbers and sizes, we are immediately confronted with the fear of not understanding something and making mistakes. In reality, there is nothing to worry about with magnetic mosquito nets as long as you take a few small precautions. First of all, you have to know that the models on the market have most of the time different dimensions to meet different needs and above all they are adjustableThis means that they do not have fixed dimensions, but that – once the size that can roughly cover the intended area has been determined – they can be cut to fit the frame. Once the dimensions of the door or window have been taken, the advice is: add a few centimeters to allow some leeway and possibly adjust the recording later.

All advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of magnetic mosquito nets compared to other solutions are many, especially when compared to their fixed, retractable or rolling counterparts.

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