How Sky Stream works, the decoder that replaces SkyQ

It should be noted that the platform allows you to create up to five personal playlists to save your favorite Sky programs. In addition, the “Pause” and “Restart” functions allow you to stop and restart programs on all channels, including live ones (even from the beginning).

How much does Sky Stream and promotions cost?

Sky Stream is available in various package variants, prices start at 14.90 euros per month for 18 months and always include the Sky Stream device and the Sky Go app for mobile use (tablet, smartphone and PC) of the content. The tariff profile is named overall Sky Smart. In detail: Sky and Netflix It costs 14.90 euros per month for 18 months, then 30 euros per month. The package includes Entertainment Plus, i.e. Sky TV with original productions, series, family shows, documentaries and news from Sky, as well as Netflix with HD720p resolution, each on one screen and without advertising. There is also Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 and 10 channels dedicated to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Sky & Netflix + Cinema With Paramount+ it costs 19.90 euros per month for 18 months, then 44 euros per month. The package includes Entertainment Plus (Sky TV and Netflix Basic), Sky Cinema and Paramount+. Sky TV+Sky Sport costs 24.90 euros per month for 18 months, then 51.90 euros per month. The package includes Sky TV (programs, series, documentaries and news), Eurosport with the 2024 Olympic Games and Sky Sport with UEFA Euro 2024, Wimbledon, Formula 1, MotoGP, Superbike.

Finally there is the offer Sky TV with Eurosport + Sky Calcio This costs 14.90 euros per month for 18 months and then 33 euros. Includes Sky TV and the entire Sky Calcio offering with 51 games from UEFA Euro 2024 and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


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Sky Stream Options

By activating a Sky Stream package, you are entitled to the ability to add any options you like, such as Sky Cinema (+10 euros per month), Sky Sports (+22.90 is +18 euros per month depending on the case), Sky Football (+8 euros per month), Children of Heaven (+5 euros per month) e Sky HD which enables 4k (+5 euros per month).

18 months subscription and then what?

The specials SkyStream provide for a contractual commitment of 18 monthsAfter that, a higher rate is applied, ie the conditions applicable to the profile apply SkyOpen (and the list price valid at that time) for a further 18 months.”Alternatively, you can extend your Sky Smart Profile membership by contacting us through our web channels or call centers and expressing your wish to participate in a new offer with the Sky Smart Profile at the discounted price applicable on the day of membership. The new Sky Smart offer you will participate in will have a new minimum stay period of 18 months“, emphasizes Sky. Therefore, it is advisable to contact Sky shortly before the deadline to get the best offer Sky Smart. In case of early withdrawal, you are obliged to refund the discount granted, which is explained on the page Tariff transparency at Sky.

Sky Stream and Sky Glass

Sky Glass, which we talked about during the launch phaseis a Smart TV with Sky Stream technology. And so, by choosing the 43-inch model, you can enjoy Entertainment Plus (Sky TV and basic Netflix) for 18 months with a one-off payment of 399 euros and 14.90 euros per month. For the 55-inch model, the one-off payment is 599 euros, while the monthly payment for Entertainment Plus remains the same; for the 65-inch model, it is 823 euros, the monthly payment remains the same. For example, if you want to add the football option, you have to add an additional 19.90 euros per month, and so on for the other options.

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