High-tech instead of (just) a fruit basket

Tech modernization as a career booster

June 19, 2024, 9:00 AM | Author: Heinz Wietfeld / Editor: Diana Künstler

According to Statista, an average of 700,000 job openings will be registered in Germany by 2024. There is a shortage of skilled workers everywhere, and younger generations have specific demands on the workplace: they expect it to be technically up-to-date and IT applications to be easy to use.

This article addresses, among other things, the following questions:

  • What expectations does Generation Z have in the workplace?
  • Why are modern technologies so important for Generation Z?
  • What benefits do modern technologies offer to all employees?
  • What role does AI technology play in workplace design?
  • What are the key differences between modern IT projects and legacy IT systems?
  • How does IT modernization contribute to the employer brand?

Today, every second person in Germany is over 45 and every fifth person is over 661. Many baby boomer employees have already retired or will soon retire. This is currently creating a huge gap in the labor market. At the same time, companies already feel that there is a shortage of qualified employees. The balance of power in the labor market is shifting. Employees no longer only apply to companies, but also the other way around. In addition, Gen Z, the generation born between 1995 and 2010 and now entering the labor market, has clear ideas about how they want to work.

The goal was to convince millennials that they are a good employer with foosball in the break room and a free fruit basket. This no longer appeals to Gen Z. This generation wants flexible working hours, more free time, a clear separation between life and work, flat hierarchies and above all working with the latest technology. This age group has grown up from a young age with the internet, digital devices such as smartphones and tablets and intuitive apps with gamification elements. They are not ready to deal with old, complicated user interfaces.

We offer: digital, intuitive user experience

While so-called ‘vintage fashion’ from the 90s is currently experiencing a revival, Gen Z does not trust retro when it comes to technology. From one Dell Survey2 shows that 80 percent of Gen Z want cutting-edge technology in the workplace, and 91 percent would choose an employer that provided them with the latest tech products. 36 percent also said they wanted to continually learn new digital skills. Employers who provide their teams with modern, intuitive technology are leading the way when it comes to qualified young talent.

At the same time, all employees in the company – regardless of their age – benefit from a simple and self-explanatory user experience. Just as it is important to attract new, young specialists, it is also important to include all those employees who previously had reservations about digitalization. “Easy is good” applies here. If a new technology makes daily work easier and is easy to understand and use, this also simplifies digital change management.

For example, if accountants previously had to laboriously print invoices, process them and then re-scan them or manually transfer them from a scanning tool to another DMS archiving solution, this can be frustrating. This is completely unthinkable for younger generations, who are already used to continuous digital end-to-end processes without process interruptions from consumer applications and services. With the help of modernization towards intuitive and intelligent content solutions, these processes can be mapped with just a few clicks or fully automatically. These or similar workflows can be transferred to many business areas and departments.

With modern AI technology and cloud-based systems that create a digital workplace and enable flexible, location-independent working, employers not only attract new employees. They also create a modern, future-oriented working atmosphere for existing employees, which offers employees ample opportunities for personal and professional development. This in turn strengthens loyalty to the employer.

High-tech as a career booster

However, the decision against a company that relies on outdated technology is not solely based on user experience. Many skilled workers consciously choose their employer based on the technology used, because technological competence is an extremely important qualification factor in today’s job market in order to climb the career ladder.

  • Have you been working with the latest version of SAP HANA Cloud or Salesforce?
  • What innovative marketing tools do you know?
  • Do you have experience with enterprise content solutions such as Alfresco or OnBase?
  • And are you familiar with AI tools and prompting?

IT professionals don’t want outdated IT

Bitkom numbers3 it turns out that in Germany alone, 149,000 jobs in IT are currently unfilled. Skilled workers in this field are in high demand and they are in the comfortable position to be selective. The technology used can even be one of the most important factors when choosing a job in IT professions, because it determines what the daily work looks like: are the IT teams working on exciting technological projects, integrating new solutions or expanding and configuring existing applications? improving them? Or is their main task to keep existing solutions and systems running with patches, technical fixes and a huge administrative effort? It should be clear which employer will be chosen in this scenario.

IT modernization contributes to the employer brand

Heinz Wietfeld, Hyland
As Managing Director, author Heinz Wietfeld is responsible for Hyland’s business activities in DACH, Benelux and Central and Eastern Europe.

It is well known that new IT and the replacement of existing legacy technology streamlines and accelerates processes, reduces the susceptibility to errors, increases performance and productivity and saves costs through automation. However, the appeal that an innovative state-of-the-art IT infrastructure can have for recruitment should not be underestimated. Modern IT indicates innovative strength and future viability, means a more relaxed everyday working life, more diverse opportunities for professional training and will become an increasingly important criterion when choosing an employer in the future. Qualified employees are the creative engine for innovation and therefore a prerequisite for long-term economic success. Anyone who thoroughly modernizes their IT resources today is also investing in their employer brand and increasing their attractiveness to applicants.

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