Here is Supertruck 2, an aerodynamic truck that cuts fuel consumption in half!

With its futuristic lines and a specific hybrid type of engine, this heavy truck makes it possible to significantly reduce the energy footprint of transporting goods without giving up diesel.

A heavy truck around twenty tons consumes almost 30 liters/100 kilometers and almost 35 liters/100 kilometers when it is twice the weight. To reduceecological footprintecological footprint and fuel-efficient, rather than electrifying trucks, Kenworth sought to increase the efficiency of diesel engines. Result: a Super Truck 2 with a futuristic look, revealed in Las VegasVegas during the fair about “greening”. means of transport. The SuperTruck 2 is the result of six years of development initiated by the United States Department of Defenseenergyenergy (or DOE for Ministry of Energy)). The principle was to improve the efficiency of freight transport without abandoning diesel. Ultimately, the consumption of the SuperTruck 2 is reduced to 18.4 liters/100 kilometers. To achieve this, the company started with an old concept, the T660 from 2009, which was the most fuel-efficient truck at the time.

With the new model, the weight was reduced by 3,175 kg MassMass a total of 11,839 kilograms. As you can see in the photos, efforts were also focused on aerodynamics vehicle. Materials have been chosen to reduce weight and the tires benefit from light weight resistanceresistance rolling. The machine, with its low sills, sloping body and hidden wheels, looks more like an express train tractor than a truck. Gone are the mirrors in favor of cameras located at the end of the fins that benefit from the view nightnight.

Demonstration of the SuperTruck 2 high-performance heavy-duty truck. © Kenworth

Engine efficiency 55.7%.

Height truck can be adapted to the type of route used. So on the highway it is possible to lower it as close to the road as possible to reduce drag. According to the designer, this would be reduced by 48%. As for the engine, the Diesel is a PACCAR MX-11 equipped with a TX-12 automatic transmission. Motorization is connected with generatorgenerator electric 48 voltsvolts create a set hybridhybrid. Braking also allows recovery energy to recharge the batteries. The hybrid side attracts attention because instead of taking power from the engine, it serves the steering, the cooling system or even the heating and air conditioningair conditioningpower is drawn from batteries lithiumlithium.

Thanks to this process, in the end, the air conditioning itself allows to leave 80 horses for the ride. According to Kenworth, the engine is 55.7% efficient. He doesn’t have thisairair that’s fine, but currently the most efficient motors are around 47% efficient.

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