Here comes TikTok, the AI ​​tool for creating avatars of real creators and actors

The main social networks are gradually being incorporated among the tools made available to users tools based on iartificial intelligence generative. Tik Tok it gets richer step by step its AI Symphony suite and, these days, it introduces a new feature that has attracted the curiosity of tech enthusiasts.

The feature is actually designed for a very specific audience: those who invest in the platform and use it to spread their brand ads and make marketing activities. For better results and higher conversions, they will be able to create custom avatarswho will act as spokespersons for the brand.

Avatars will look like real people, creators and actors. Let’s find out how it works.

Avatars generated by real people, how TikTok’s new AI tool works

The goal that Tik Tok want to achieve through AI ​​is make the social network accessible to everyonebreaking all kinds of barriers that may arise between content and users, and offering brands that use the platform to advertise the possibility of add a human touch to your content without having to collaborate with creators, actors or real characters and that require the investment of considerable resources.

Therefore, he realized Symphony Digital Avatars, present in two varieties: stock or customizable. These are avatars that can be used in advertisements for product and service sponsorship. Their peculiarity is that they have a human appearance, similar to that of real people.

In detail, the avatars that are part of the stock section they were made in the image of different actorswith the most disparate physical characteristics and different nationalities and languages, that were paid.

Custom avatars are created by the user and can look like a specific creator and speak multiple languages. This allows brands to have less difficulty to reach a foreign audience.

How to recognize TikTok’s AI-generated avatars

Having a very realistic appearance, you may have a hard time distinguishing real content from AI-created content. Tik Tok you want to protect your audience and put transparency first. All content generated with artificial intelligence will be tagged with ‘generated AI’.

The avatar generation tool isn’t the only AI-based tool on the way. symphony AI Dubbing will allow creators to dub all of their content in more than ten different languages, including some dialects. It can automatically detect the language spoken in the video and transcribe it, translate it and generate a dubbed video in the language selected by the user. The result, according to the first demos of TikTok, should be very accurate.

Thanks to this new tool, it will be easier for creators to get their content to a wider audience and take advantage of new job opportunities.

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