Helio Ring, Amazfit smart ring features and prices

Amazfit Helio ring it is also officially available in Europe, it was announced Cheers Zepp who also shared the technical specifications and the price of the new and highly anticipated smart ring.

That 2024 will be the year of smart rings it’s practically a certainty and this new device is concrete proof of that and this time the company has focused on a thoughtful product stop athletes which allows full tracking of vital parametersfrom sleep quality is of mental alertness E physics. Let’s find out more about it

How the Amazfit Helio Ring is made

Amazfit Helio ring is one wearables which, as we have just mentioned, was created to help athletes keep their vital parameters under control such as: heartbeatthe levels of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) and VO2 max.

In addition to this, the device is also designed to monitor sleep qualitydetecting accurate data about recovery time and about the resting heart rate.

To see the collected data, you obviously need to connect the smart ring to a smartphone (Android or iOS) and, through theZepp app it is possible to see a complete profile of the user, his health conditions and, of course, ofprogress in training.

For those who practice running (even at a competitive level) the ring is able to examine the collected data and make a decision prediction of the next racesto suggest more intensive training to improve your performance.

Those who use third-party applications, however, the device is also supported Adidas Running, Strava, Komoot, revive, Google Fit E Health from Apple.

Also present Zepp Aura E Zepp Fitness membership two subscription services that provide the user with a virtual coach that can help them improve both athletic performance and sleep quality, with targeted exercises and suggestions.

In regards to autonomyZepp Health Corporation guarantees at least four days of use, while a full charge (wireless) takes 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Finally, they deserve a separate mention materials of the AmazFit Helio Ring manufactured in titanium alloy, a robust, light and extremely resistant material. The ring is also waterproof up to 10 ATM and therefore can also be used in water sports.

How much does Amazfit Helio Ring cost?

By purchase Amazfit Helio ring on the official website, the list price is 299 euros. However, the ring is developed to perform at its best when combined smart watches from Zepp Health, so the company has provided a number of very interesting packages that significantly reduce the final cost.

Among the possibilities, for example, you can buy Amazfit Helio Ring with Amazfit Cheetah Pro a 449.90 eurosor combined withAmazfit T-Rex Ultra a 549.90 euros or along withAmazfit Falcon a 649.80 euros.

At the moment the official website offers one limited number of sizes but from the next few weeks there will be a greater possibility of choice.

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