HDSolar will showcase innovative tracking bracket technology and PV-TES integration solutions at Intersolar 2024.

MUNICH, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HDSolar, a leading photovoltaic tracking bracket manufacturer, showcased its core products such as brakes and split suspension housings for tracking brackets, and its forward-looking positioning and R&D progress on photovoltaic-thermal-energy storage integration and hydrogen energy industry chain integration at Intersolar Europe 2024. This attracts the attention of many people inside and outside the industry.

Increasing the efficiency of power generation with the main tracking system products
HDSolar has pioneered the development of braking products that fundamentally solve the problem of wind resonance and withstand high wind speeds. 55 million/ s. Integrated with the control system, it can be used anywhere to switch between solid and flexible beams. It is applicable to various meteorological conditions such as high wind, snow, snow, etc. As well as different terrain conditions such as mountains, deserts and wetlands.

The self-developed slot bearing housing can automatically correct and adjust the rotation position when the spindle joint error occurs due to high wind, terrain, installation error and so on. At the same time, it can realize the radial installation of the installation, increasing the installation efficiency by more than 20%.

Adapt to PV-TES integration trend, promote R&D of photovoltaic thermal project bracket products
Facing the pain point of energy storage in the PV power generation industry, HDsolar actively promotes the research and development of new products. The photo-thermal glass field control technology shown at the exhibition provides a more efficient and economical power solution, which has attracted wide attention and favorable comments.

Positioning of the hydrogen energy industry chain to create a new growth point
Hydrogen energy is considered as an important part of future energy. HDSolar actively promotes the integration of the hydrogen energy industry chain, which promotes diverse applications and sustainable clean energy development, and provides more diversified energy solutions.

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HDSolar, a leading photovoltaic tracking bracket manufacturer, with an annual production capacity of more than 6,000MW, more than 100 patents and a total of 15GW of installation trackers, has provided high-quality photovoltaic installation system solutions to more than 50 countries. and regions around the world.

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