Greenhouses, class A, are selling fast

of the class A property they sell on the market for an average of 20 days under the G class shown by a study carried out by Century 21 Italia, in collaboration with Wikicasa.

Greenhouses are highly sought after by consumers

After theOK from Brussels to direction Green Houses, the real estate market today seems to be looking up more sustainable solutions.

In fact, the study shows the time of a class A house on the market as 68 days, although a A Class G home has 90 days to sell, which means over 20 more days. This is because the energy table is becoming a very important factor in purchasing decisions: in 2023, users looking to have only the most energy-efficient products have grown by 72%, for approval implementation of European law.

A very energy efficient home that you can save not only on your bill, but on future innovation costs. Also, consumers are increasingly moving toward more thoughtful and sustainable purchases.

Class A properties have decreasing market capitalization

Shorter time on the market means less profit. According to the analysis of Century 21 Italy, which has mapped the number of houses of each energy class currently on the market, in the year 2024 the number of shops for energy classes has increased from B to G.

This was not the case for class A properties on the market, which went from 25,444 in 2023 to 23,000 this year. this is lack of supply which will immediately lead to an increase in prices. If in Italy, most of the most powerful buildings are represented by new buildings, depending on the languages green house indexin the year 2050 it is necessary to provide incentives to rehabilitate existing buildings, to prevent the mismatch between supply and demand.

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