Google Pixel 9 series: Rumors and preview ahead of launch

Google is on its way to present its long-awaited Pixel 9 series, scheduled for October, following the tradition of previous releases. While I official details they are still done wait for, continues to talk about the rumors. the last spoon comes directly from Geekbenchthe benchmarking platform, where the supposed flagship Pixel of the series, the Pixel 9 Pro XLrecently faced one proof.

The new Pixel 9 Pro XL

It is important to note that i current scores are to be taken with pliers, as there is still plenty of time for everything to be fully optimized for the official release. What emerges is the preliminary framework device specifications. According to Geekbench, the Pixel 9 Pro XL has 16 GB of RAMa significant figure suggesting strong support for theartificial intelligence integrated O operating system E Android 14a curious but indicative choice of current focus Of Google during the testing phase.

As for the processor, the Pixel 9 Pro XL is equipped with a Octa-core tensor SoC Divided into three groups: One 3.10GHz core, three 2.60GHz cores and four 1.95GHz cores Tensioner G4 looks promising with his maximum frequency of 3.1 GHz, according to reference data. It is interesting to note theAndroid 14 adoption rather than the most recent one Android 15probably chosen to ensure a greater stability and representativeness of the results obtained in preliminary tests.

In addition, details emerge about the Pixel 9 range, which will include not two but three models. O Pixel 9 Pro XL seems to be the direct successor of the Current model Prowhile the Pixel 9 Pro will represent a real news with superior hardware performance despite similar dimensions to the base Pixel 9. This movement marks astrategic evolution in the strip pixelsaimed at satisfying a wider variety of users with different needs and preferences.

The innovative approach of an industry leader

Although the leaked information they are still held official confirmationthe outlook for the next pixels looks promising Google continues to consolidate its position in smartphone market with a innovative approach to the design and performance, ready to reveal more details in the coming months, probably during a dedicated event which will reveal all the secrets of the new Pixel 9.

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