GCL SI presents the latest SIRO innovation at Intersolar Europe 2024

MUNICH, June 22, 2024 / PRNewswire / – GCL System Integration Technology Co, Ltd. (« GCL SI » or « la Société »), the main supplier of complete solutions in renewable energy sources, the current SiRo, aware of all the latest innovations in the photovoltaic sector, merges here. The first revolutionary method of carbon emissions across the entire value chain – GCL Carbon Data Platform – at Intersolar Europe Exhibition, the leading global solar industry exhibition, here from 7 am to 9 pm. Munich.

GCL Yes and also there are various recent solutions including perovskites modules as well as various N-type modules with high performance Europe.

Based on point blockchain technology and strategic partnership to create a transparent and zero carbon platform, GCL’s pioneering practice enables you to reduce the same amount of carbon and do the same.

All the modules installed on the GCL coal with a female plate are integrated as siro, to reduce the production of polysilicon steel to reduce coal emissions, polysilicon in the liquid reactor, the ingot from the plate and cells, and finally through the photovoltaic module assembly. The creation of SiRo aims to ensure the ability to monitor carbon emissions at this production level to provide customers with the best coal options and guarantee that SiRo modules comply with carbon emissions laws and regulations.

The Siro module is equipped with a QR code that displays specific carbon emissions and a report on that level of production. The women are protected by blockchain technology to prevent all false information.This solution provides transparency for the future Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulations.

The modules specifically tested with GCL set new world records with yields of 19.04% and 26.36% respectively, which is significant. The perovskite-based electrical production system will continue to improve the efficiency levels to increase the growth of the industry and the production of acrylics. On the other hand, the GCL is also equipped with the highest level of N-type five modules and offers a maximum power of 720 Wp with improved performances.

At the Intersolar Europe 2024 fair, GCL signed a cooperation agreement with EcoTree, a specialized organization for sustainable development, thanks to its innovative investment solutions in tree planting. The two companies will collaborate in the areas of strategic planning, communication, research and evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of biodiversity conservation and forest conservation.

“We are very happy to form a strong and fruitful partnership with GCL SI.” We contribute to uninstalling the two functions. It is the logic of developing local projects to unite our forces in terms of biodiversity and carbon. Chez EcoTree, our special heureux of the international port of this partnership, here represents our ADN, the project is being developed in many European countries», said Ecotree CEO Thomas Canguilhem.

GCL SI Executive President Thomas Zhang also stated that Intersolar’s European showroom will provide a platform for the company to showcase all of its latest technological breakthroughs, products and solutions, supporting changes with the company’s industry leaders. et en ouvrant de nouvelles voies par le bias de la collaboration.

“Thanks to innovation and bold steps aimed at building a greener and stronger future for everyone, we will have a critical history tour that addresses climate issues. GCL SI is committed to promoting industrial development to benefit from a global approach and point technologies, our mission and continuous evolution. Thanks to products and product solutions in the transition, accelerating the change of the global power structure ” Zhang.

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