Fundraising of $220 million for H and its agent models

Bpifrance announced this Tuesday, May 21, the launch of “H”, a start-up specializing in endowment and agent models of artificial intelligence, accompanied by an initial fundraising of 220 million dollars. Investors include global giants such as Accel, Amazon, UiPath, Bpifrance through its Large Venture fund, Eric Schmidt and Xavier Niel. They were joined by other investors including Aglaé Ventures, Creandum, Eurazeo, FirstMark, Motier Ventures, Samsung Ventures and Bernard Arnault’s Visionaries Club.

“H” stands out for its ambitious goal: to introduce the power of GenAI to businesses around the world through a new generation of multimodal, action-oriented models. Designed to reason, plan and collaborate, these models aim to revolutionize entire sectors and make Artificial General Intelligence (AGI or AGI) a tangible reality.

World class team

The start-up team consists of 25 AI engineers and researchers from large companies (a significant part has moved to DeepMind), university labs and scale-ups. Here are some key team members:

  • Charles Kantor (CEO) : One of the co-founders and CTO of “H”, which he actually started last September. A Stanford graduate leads the company’s vision;
  • Karl Tuyls (Chief Research Operations) : Former research director at DeepMind, involved in major projects such as AlphaRank and DeepNash;
  • Laurent Sifre (CTO) : Former Chief Scientist of DeepMind, known for his work on AlphaGo, AlphaFold and other flagship projects;
  • Daan Wierstra (Chief Scientist) : The Chief Scientist at DeepMind is the co-inventor of the deep Q and deepRL networks. He soon joins the H team;
  • Julien Perolat (Head Multiagent) : Former researcher at DeepMind, co-directed fundamental work in game theory and multi-agent reinforcement learning.

The $220 million investment will be used to strengthen the company’s research talent and acquire the computing power and data needed to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence models. H aims to create agent and vertical architectures capable of transforming business and consumer productivity at scale.

Strategic cooperation

In addition to this funding, the young company will benefit from strategic partnerships with some investors, notably UiPath. By providing business and technology support and market access, this alliance will strengthen its ability to introduce its innovations in various industries.

Charles Kantor, CEO of H, says:

“I am very fortunate to be able to build this adventure alongside such great co-founders, passionate investors as well as our strategic partners.

At SH we create an approach to artificial intelligence that is not only state-of-the-art, but also holistic and human. The team is united around a mission that is as simple as it is ambitious: to increase the productivity of billions of people. We are committed to transforming entire industries and our everyday experiences, making the human-computer tandem a reality and paving the way for broader and more complex intelligence.”

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