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With Genmojis, Apple users can finally create exactly the emoji that best reflects their mood or impulses, thanks to new AI technology. Even Genmojis of friends and family members can be created from images.

Emojis have long since developed into a relevant means of communication. They can serve as attention elements, as code or simply to illustrate text messages. From Social media It’s hard to imagine posts and captions without them, and they’re often found in emails too. Instagram, for example, recently even had this Emoji Moderation for Broadcast Channels introduced. And because they are so popular, they are used by the Unicode Consortium constantly suggesting new emojis. This could continue Android and iOS, a face with dark circles under the eyes, a fingerprint, a harp or even a tree without leaves will be available soon.

But the variety of emojis available is far from enough for users. This also shows that Comment column on our post about proposals to the Unicode Consortium. Google Emoji Kitchen at least lets users combine existing emojis. But thanks to the latest AI technology, Apple is setting new standards and enabling the creation of highly individual emojis with Genmoji.

Combine emojis:
Have you heard of Google’s Emoji Kitchen?

© Google, changes made via Canva

Here’s what Genmoji can do: Emojis for any context via prompt and image template

Whether you want to use a T-Rex on a surfboard or a cucumber-eyed smiley as an emoji, you have access to such creations with Genmoji as a new Apple tool. Thanks to Apple Intelligence, you can now create individual emojis and genmojis based on descriptions or your own images. These can be embedded in messages or shared as stickers or reactions in a Tapback. You can also include people in different contexts as emoji alter egos.

Apple's Genmoji in the texting context, © Apple, smartphone mockup with emojis in the texting app
Apple’s Genmoji in a text message context, © Apple

Apple’s new AI-based feature finally offers the ability to create the emoji of your imagination and use it over and over again — or even optimize it.

Designer Adrian Zumbrunnen is already looking forward to using the new emojis.

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One downside for all interested users, however, is that Apple Intelligence as the underlying AI tool will initially only be available on the iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPad and Mac with M1 chip (and later versions). Siri and the device language will have to be set to English (US). This way, Apple could generate more interested buyers. There will likely be a lot of interest among many creators for the new emoji feature.

Apple Intelligence:

iOS 18 and Siri get ChatGPT

– Google and Co. not so relevant anymore?

Laptop, tablet and iPhone with colorful screens representing Apple Intelligence features, white background

This post first appeared on June 11, 2024.

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