Fastweb confirms the arrival of its AI supercomputer

fastweb developed a model of artificial intelligence with special attention to data management and compliance copyright. This model, entirely created in-house, stands out for its transparency in the model formation phase. To date, Fastweb has accumulated 1.500 billion tokens of contents validall inside italian and obtained through specific agreements. Among the contents used are the publications of Bignami Edizioni, the Official Journals, the data of Common Crawl and the materials prepared by the Fastweb Digital Academy.

Walter RennaCEO of Fastweb, points out that these 1.5 billion tokens are equivalent to approx 11 million content booksall of which can be legally used in solutions artificial intelligence. Renna highlights two key points: the artificial intelligence market in Italy, which was worth in 2023 half a billion eurosexpected to grow to approx 2 billion in five years. In addition, Fastweb’s AI strategy is integrated with the company’s solution ecosystem, which includes cloud, cyber security E connectivity performing

Fastweb talks about its AI supercomputer

The project has already entered operational phaseas Renna announced at the Trento Economics Festival on May 26, 2024. The supercomputers bought by Nvidia will be inaugurated in at the beginning of July and installed in a data center in Lombardy, connected to the other four Fastweb national data centers. This will ensure the resilience and security of AI solutions. This way it will be possible develop and commercialize vertical applications for companies and public administrations.

The project represents an important opportunity for Fastweb to expand beyond the traditional telecommunications market. The latter in Italy is worth approx 18,000 million euroscompared to the broader one relating to the value of digital services 80 billion. The company aims to conquer a part of this growing sector, distinguishing itself by the first Italian model of generative artificial intelligence housed in the Amazon Cloudso far dominated by international models.

Despite the purchase procedure by Swisscom from Vodafonethat could affect the progress of the project, Renna assures that theFastweb Commitment on this front it will remain solid. At present, about fifty people are dedicated to this project, a number considered adequate for develop high quality models and accuracy The goal is not to compete with very large models like ChatGPTbut offer specific and quality solutions for large companies and public administrations.

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