Extraordinary weather phenomenon: the solstice in Manhattan

New York City hosts a spectacular sunset popular with photographers around the world: the Manhattan Solstice, better known as Manhattanhenge.

In certain New York neighborhoods, it is possible to capture an unforgettable moment twice a year. THE Manhattanhenge occurs every year at the end of May and then at the beginning of July. In 2024, the event will take place on May 29 at 20:12 local time, then on July 12 at 20:20.

This solsticesolstice Manhattan actually occurs about 21 days before and after the real one MidsummerMidsummer. The Manhattan solstice is a sunset in itself sunsun completely classic. But it is the position of the sun in relation to the buildings of the city that is the origin of the spectacle: it sets stack between buildings in the east and west of the district.

The orb of the sun appears to be surrounded by skyscrapers, and the rays of light are concentrated on certain streets (14.E street, 23E34E42E and 57E name only the best stains)) unless the clouds spoil the party: sidewalks and facades appear to be completely illuminated, making for spectacular photos for those who know how to position themselves.

Operations are suspended to make room for amateur and professional observers and photographers. Surprisingly, the phenomenon was only discovered in 2002! It is astrophysicistastrophysicist from the American Museum of Natural History, which reported on this phenomenon and gave it its nickname Manhattanhengewith reference to Stonehenge, UK megalithic site.

Other similar phenomena in the year and in the world

If you’re not in New York on the two days of the year when the event occurs, you have another chance to catch up: Manhattan’s partial solstice occurs the day before the 1st.ahem the phenomenon of the end of May and then the day after the second half of July: in this case only half of the Sun appears, the rest is below the horizon line. And in winter, this time it’s the sunrise between the buildings. This will happen on December 5th and January 8th, around the date winter solsticewinter solstice SO. That’s what New Yorkers call it Manhattanhenge reverse.

Other large cities benefit from a similar phenomenon, although the result is somewhat less spectacular than that New Yorklike Chicago, Toronto or even Paris with sunset in the axis of the Arc de Triomphe.

What makes the Manhattan solstice more photogenic than others is the presence of a clear horizon behind the buildings thanks to Hudson River.

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