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Weidmüller: CO2 balance for SMEs too

March 28, 2024, 7:30 am |

Jörg Schröper

Medium and small businesses are also indirectly affected by the Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRD) adopted by the EU. As suppliers of large companies, they may be required to provide accurate information about the carbon footprint of their company and/or their products .

These measures bring energy management into the focus of many companies. Because the determination of K.O2of emissions is closely related to the issue of energy management. Mapping/transparency of energy flows is the basis for energy efficiency and CO assessment2– Company balance sheet.

Weidmüller GTI Software’s open EnMS ResMa solution offers extensive options that can be easily implemented even by small companies, according to the manufacturer. These include:

  • The recording of all resources in the production process, including the quantities of materials used, through connection with the corresponding machine and process controls for immediate data transfer,
  • the order- or lot-based recording of all measured variables to delineate production lots according to the respective products. This enables product-specific comparisons and balancing,
  • the CO calculation2-Load through rating factors for resources used,
  • comprehensive, freely configurable report for any time period as well
  • Transparency by converting energy consumption into CO2– Equivalent.

Combined with an HMI SCADA solution, ResMa as an energy management software enables broad process coupling, the provider continues. At the same time, it is possible to connect to third-party systems such as SAP, through which order data can be entered. This allows the software to link data about the order itself as well as the production process: when was the order received, when was it completed and how many pieces were produced? With the help of electricity and gas meters, energy consumption during this period can be assigned to an order.

After the analysis is complete, the user can choose the visualization that best suits them from several options. A Sankey diagram, for example, provides a good overview of energy flows to large consumers. A heat map, in turn, makes the course of the day transparent and thus allows load peaks to be avoided. For standardized reporting, individual energy reports or production-related assessments can be sent automatically. In addition, interactive documentation within the energy management software supports the exchange of information between users.

The data is also used to normalize key figures according to ISO 50001. Weidmüller GTI software is not limited to simple calculation functions, but works with data scientists for artificial intelligence solutions. The goal is to consider as many variables as possible and to find and quantify connections using additional methods.

The results surpass those of classical statistical methods. This allows various scenarios to be run and their effects predicted more accurately than with other methods. Another advantage is the certification by TÜV Süd. In addition, the Federal Ministry of Economy and Export Control (BAFA) promotes the use of the tool.

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