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Electric cars, like other engines, are subject to fires, which are often more serious due to the high heat of the components.

The development of the electric car in France increases several problems. This is the case with fires and aftermath that second one. That’s a concern firemen recently mentioned by our colleagues at France 3.

Why do electric cars catch fire?

The news of the last months shows this electric vehicles may cause fire. Although it is not necessary generalizethis is a worry from customers.
For example, on May 17 there was a fire in Corrège near the town of Collonges-la-Rouge. According to local informationwould make an electric car smoke before the explosion.
First, be sure. The electric car catches fire without reason. Indeed, if it happens, it can come deterioration battery, electrical installation or failure battery manufacturing. The fire can then spread quickly impressive. This comes from the high temperatures associated with electrical overload in a car.
However, it should be noted that electric cars are not Only flare up, just the opposite. Indeed, according to the data of the insurance company Auto insuranceEZout of 100,000 burning cars, 3,457 are hybrid, 1,529 thermal and 25 electric.

Risks and consequences associated with fires

An important question must be asked: is there a higher risk fires electric cars than others? To this question, firemen from Haute-Vienne were able to answer some questions.
According to Jérémy Kaing, representative of the Haute-Vienne SDIS operating group: “An electric vehicle fire remains a vehicle fire. However, there is an additional risk of fire due to lithium batteries”.
It exists two cases figure according to him. Either the car will undergo rival AND battery ends up damaged or there is manufacturing defect vehicles. If it’s a concussion, several elements may come into contact when they shouldn’t, and so on generate heat, gases and thus cause a fire.
These fires apparently they are not new and builders they are aware of it. Additionally, turn off fire an electric car will require more water. Indeed, flames it just takes longer to go out because of the gases flammable and toxic.

Development electric cars in France and Europe will bring new matters. To see how these situations play out evolve future.

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