Design and artificial intelligence – this is the new Reno family from Oppo

Oppo deserves credit for being a bold phone company that should never be taken for granted. What impressed us about the Reno 12 family is its belief in style and design choices that break with the past and the competition. The very latest Reno 12 Pro, which we tested for a few days, is beautiful to look at and handle. The back is satin-finished on two-thirds and mirrored on the lower part, with the Oppo logo separating the two sections. adopted a design with a futuristic silver exterior. The glass back panel of both models creates a three-dimensional feeling of rippling water. The effect is dizzying at first, but fun in the long run. Reno12 Pro, Nebula Black features a two-tone matte-gloss design with two separate halves.

What’s in there.

The two models use the brand new 4nm MediaTek Dimensity 7300-Energy mobile platform, developed exclusively by MediaTek and OPPO. For the photography department, there is a Sony LYT-600 sensor with full-pixel omnidirectional autofocus and optical image stabilization (OIS). The photos are of good quality. Faster and more stable focusing is great. Also notable on the Pro is the 50MP telephoto portrait camera feature, which offers 2x optical zoom and a new 50MP selfie camera with autofocus and new AI retouching effects for taking portrait-style selfies. In short: selfies are easy and turn out well. Almost always. Then there is 4K video recording at 30 fps available for both rear cameras.

The new Reno family and the Ai

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Oppo Ai.

The Chinese manufacturer has chosen Google, Microsoft, MediaTek and other partners to accelerate the adoption of a new generation of smartphones with artificial intelligence. This means that it has designed features that we also find in other top-of-the-range smartphones. With the new AI Eraser, people can easily remove distracting elements in their photos with a simple tap, as the feature automatically identifies unwanted people and objects.

New features include the use of Google’s Large Language Model (LLM) for AI Toolbox, a new intelligent sidebar feature consisting of features such as AI Write, AI Speak, and AI Summary that uses recognition capabilities to understand content displayed on the screen and recommend AI features accordingly, such as quickly generating content for social media or summaries for longer articles. The AI ​​Recording Summary feature has also been introduced in the Recording app to extract text summaries from a voice recording and organize them as notes.

The price?

Good, actually very good: 599.99 for the Pro and 499.99 for the basic one. On Amazon, from June 18 to July 15, buyers of the OPPO Reno12 Pro will receive an Amazon credit of € 50.00 on their personal account after completing the purchase, which can be used for future purchases. The same promotion also applies to the purchase of OPPO Reno12: buyers will receive an Amazon credit of € 30.00, which can also be redeemed for future purchases on Amazon

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